Betsy Fay

It has been a busy two weeks for me, as Norm and I have been in Long Beach, California, visiting our daughter and son and their families.

Our daughter Katie had a convention in Galveston, Texas for four days, so I was in charge of nightly feedings of Evelyn who is 7 months old. She likes to graze all night long, so for six nights, very little sleep for Grammy. Our son-in-law Troy, is a stay at home Dad for Evelyn and twin sister Eleanor, so we have been helping with their care throughout the day. We also got to see our son Ben, and his fiancée Laura, who he will wed on April 4, 2020.

They keep talking about us moving out there, but that’s not in our current plans, especially with the cost of housing in California.

Most of the news from Covington Lake I’m getting from Facebook and board members.

A tree company was hired to trim the trees around the front entrance, but they misunderstood the location and trimmed the trees at the entrance of Covington East instead.

So, now they will have to do our entrance on their own dime.

The pool seems to be going well, but there was a problem with glass beer bottles left all over the pool on Saturday night.

No glass is allowed in the pool for a good reason. If glass is broken anywhere in the pool enclosure, the whole pool has to be emptied, cleaned and refilled which could take a week or more.

If you see anyone in the pool with glass containers, feel free to remind them of the rule.

Several entrance cards have been lost and found. I would suggest that you put the card on a lanyard so you don’t misplace it. Replacement cost is $25.

Any problems at the pool, with the fountains, or issues in the neighborhood should be reported to Premier Management.

It is not the board’s job to deal with these issues.

We have had several closings of houses in the last week or so. One on Clandon and one on Summerhill that I know about, so lots of new neighbors to meet.

When I get back, we will start the planning for the National Night Out block party on Aug. 6 from 5-8 p.m.

We will ask all homeowners to bring a side dish along with their adult beverages. The board will provide hot dogs, water and juice.

We will have members of the police and fire department at the event with their vehicles along with face painting and the pool.

The Friends of Carolina Forest Library will have its bag of books sale on July 17 from 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. Five dollars allows you to fill a brown grocery bag with books and audio materials. It has become a very popular event.

The Nook special at the library for July will be to buy one book and get one book free for all adult books. Still time to stock up on summer reading.

The Summer Quest is very busy at the library with lots of July activities for all ages. Stop by the library and get the calendar or go the to see it.

The next Beautify Carolina Forest litter pick will be July 12-14.

This past week, Beautify Carolina Forest was awarded the Not for Profit Partner of the Year award by Terry Egan of the Carolina Forest Sunrise Rotary Club at their awards night at Sam Sneads.

Dave Shetterly, from Beautify Carolina Forest, accepted the award. As the president of this group, thank you for the award.

Please be aware of the speed limit in Covington Lake. I know I keep saying this, but people are flying in their cars down the streets and not stopping or even slowing down at stop signs.

We have many adults and children on the streets and sidewalks, and someone is going to get hurt.

A special get well soon to Phyllis Forbes.

A reminder that quarterly dues should be paid this month.

Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July. For future reference, fireworks are not allowed in Covington Lake but every year, someone sets some off and leaves all the trash all over the street.

Look forward to hearing the news of the neighborhood. Email me at


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