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As I write my column, we are finally having a sunny day after a week of rain. The homeowners who have overseeded their lawns have beautiful green yards with all this rain. A few of my bulbs are in bloom, so I hope spring isn’t far behind. Some scientists say climate change could be the reason for all the rain and snow this year. The idea is that the Northern Hemisphere’s warming has led to the weakening of the jet stream, which circulates around polar vortex and keeps the colder air at the top of the world. That led to more colder air coming south and the bitter weather, including all the snow and ice in Texas. 

As of Thursday, the Covington Lake board was still in need of proxies for Saturday’s annual meeting at 2 p.m. at the Carolina Forest Recreation Center. Norm has put a note on Facebook to remind people to submit their proxies so we can have a legal meeting and elect board members. Remember to wear your masks and maintain social distance if you plan to attend in person. Hope to see everyone at the meeting.

A homeowner was asking again about the use of kayaks and boats on our lakes. Really, our lakes are retention ponds and our community’s rules state that these aren’t allowed for the safety of our residents. There is too much bacteria and fertilizer in the ponds, which isn’t safe to drink and why all fishing must be catch and release. 

We had a bad accident at the entrance to Covington Lake the other night. Someone was speeding down Clandon Drive and didn’t stop at stop sign and crossed both entrances into our neighborhood. They hit a car that was entering the neighborhood and both cars were damaged. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Once again, there is a reason for a 20 mph speed limit on all of our roads and we were lucky no one was hurt. I have noticed that many people coming off Clandon Drive at that spot don’t stop for the stop sign. Please slow down and heed traffic signs. 

Covington Lake’s community yard sale is scheduled for March 27 from 8 a.m. until noon. Goodwill will provide a truck to take any leftover donations from 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. They will be in the pool parking lot and will provide staff to get stuff out of your vehicle and receipts for donations.

I will be accepting books in March for the sale to sell to benefit the Carolina Forest Library as they presently aren’t allowed to accept donations. Contact me if you have books that you would like to donate. 

I was sad to hear that Ettie Newlands, who has been my contact at the Carolina Forest Chronicle since I started writing, has moved from the area. I will miss her support of community activities and events and her funny column. I wish her safe travels.

Plantation Lakes aims to plant trees and shrubs in two medians on Carolina Forest Boulevard. Beautify Carolina Forest volunteers just found out that we don’t have to wait until the widening project is complete to plant the beds, so we are working with them to come up with designs for medians. Thank you to Howard Forman and Rich Galante along with Dan Kniola for working on this project. Any other HOAs or groups that would like to plant a median can contact me for specific rules and how to go about the process. Once you accept this role, you are responsible to care for that median’s needs as far as mowing, etc.

I noticed that the B got left off the new email address for Beautify Carolina Forest. It is

I attended the Carolina Forest Civic Association meeting last week. The guest speaker was Ken Richardson, who is the school board chairman. He said he hopes that all students will be back in the classroom full time by March 15. Richardson also announced that he will run for the congressional seat now held by U.S. Rep. Tom Rice, R-Myrtle Beach. 

Ace Hardware will be opening a store soon in the Ollies shopping plaza and a new furniture store has moved from River Oaks Drive to the space beside Planet Fitness. We appear to be a very popular neighborhood for new businesses. 

Don’t forget that AARP is still doing free taxes virtually. You can make an appointment by calling 843-310-2122 and leaving a message for them to contact you. United Way VITA is also doing them. Their contact number is 843-347-5195 ext. 1. We had ours done by HR Block and we just dropped them off and they called with any questions. 

Happy Birthday to Tim Mayfield (Feb. 27) and myself (March 2). Happy anniversary to Juliet and Stan Lotts (Feb. 27). 

Look forward to seeing everyone at the annual meeting.

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