Betsy Fay

I’m glad to see that everyone is enjoying the new pool. It has been very busy this past week with lots of adults and children having a fun time. I don’t think people realized how much bigger it is compared to our previous pool. Everyone loves the zero-entry ramp, as it is easier to enter the pool with no steps.

June 8 at 5 p.m. will be the official opening of the pool. Plans are still being confirmed, but I know that Stan Lott will be there with his karaoke machine for all to try out their singing voice.

More information will be on our Facebook page as decisions are made.

Hudson pool staff will be taking care of the pool. If you have a concern about anything, please notify Premier Management or a board member instead of dealing with it yourself.

The pool is on an automatic chlorine feeder, so the chlorine should adjust if we get rain or the pool needs water added to it.

The parking lot was sealed and repainted this week.

The playground will be getting some new mulch in the near future.

Someone noted that only two of the baby swans are still in the lake, but today on my walk I only saw one cygnet.

Don’t know what happened to them, but now we have a big group of new goslings in the lake also.

Please don’t feed them, as it is against the law to feed waterfowl in Horry County.

We will have a meeting of the social committee on June 10 at 7 p.m. at the pool. Everyone is invited to attend and bring their ideas and willingness to help.

We will be planning our National Night Out party, which is Tuesday, Aug. 2. We have commitments from the fire and police departments to attend this event. It is lots of fun for all with a fire engine and police vehicles.

It is a pot luck dinner. We did the event last in 2017.

A reminder to drivers that a stop sign is a stop sign: You must come to a full stop. I see cars coming from Clandon onto Covington by the entrance and they don’t even slow down for the stop sign.

Please don’t park cars on the sidewalks, as it isn’t allowed. You can park on the street during the day and in driveways at night.

I met the Carters who moved into their house on Ellsworth Drive in September. They have done a nice job of cleaning up the property and they were working in their yard when I met them.

I hope all owners will work on cleaning up their yards.

One of the things the social committee wants to do is to come up with a welcome package for new owners.

The Carolina Forest Library is getting ready for Summer Quest. There are things to do for all ages including 3D doodler pens and STEM activities (science, technology, engineering and math). Stop by and get a calendar and sign up for events.

The Nook at Carolina Forest Library continues to sell lots of books. This month’s special is to buy one get one free on history, auto/biography, sports, science fiction and fiction paperbacks.

They are always accepting used books as donations, so if you are cleaning out books, dvds, vhs tapes or puzzles, they would be glad to accept them.

Tidelands Health is doing a skin cancer discussion and luncheon at Carolina Forest Library at noon on Friday, June 7. Sign up is required. A doctor will be doing some skin checks during the gathering.

The Beautify Carolina Forest volunteers will do their monthly litter pick the weekend of June 14-16. Meet on Saturday at 8 a.m. at the recreation center parking lot if you’re interested in helping us.

Work on Carolina Forest Boulevard is supposed to start on June 17. The company could be working on multiple areas at the same time along the route.

They will do lane closures in the evening hours. Please be patient and give yourself extra time to get where you are going.

There is a big discussion going on about adding a road through Revolutionary Way to S.C. 31 with an interchange.

It would be great for people in the middle of Carolina Forest Boulevard, as they could go right onto S.C. 31 and not have to deal with River Oaks Drive or U.S. 501. It would definitely decrease the traffic on our road.

Glad that it has cooled down after last week’s temperatures in the 100s.

My sister Gayle, was visiting from Massachusetts and said that in the last two months, they had only 10 dry days and most of the time, temperatures in the 50s. She was a little overwhelmed by the heat.

Happy birthday to Marcus and Jeremy Rosch June 11, and Elizabeth Wills June 13.

Look forward to hearing the news of the neighborhood. Email me at


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