Betsy Fay

As I write my column, I’m sitting in the Marco Polo airport waiting for a flight back to Myrtle Beach. After being gone 14 days, I’m ready to get home.

Several people told me they avoid this airport as it is very confusing for passengers. They don’t announce gates until about an hour before the flight, so you have to just hang out in the main terminal until they announce your gate.

This is rainy season in Venice and also high tides time, so yesterday, the sidewalks were under water at high tide, as Venice is slowly sinking.

We were lucky as we only had rain on three days of the trip and the rest were sunny temperatures in the 60s-70s.

I heard that Myrtle Beach was getting some cooler nights this week.

One of our neighbors had a stranger in the back yard one night last week. They called the police, but he ran before they got there.

Be aware, and make sure to lock doors to your house and cars at night. The Carolina Forest area is still seeing some break-ins of cars, but most of the cars are unlocked so they just try doors until they find an unlocked one.

Don’t leave anything of value in your car if it is outside, and be careful about leaving garage doors open. Our neighbor has called us several times to remind us that our garage door was open at night.

The board is getting ready to schedule the annual meeting in January. Since the HTC building has been sold, they will try to book the meeting on a Saturday at the library.

They met last Tuesday and were informed that Jeanine has accepted another position, and will no longer be our representative with Premier. The board wishes her well in her next endeavor.

No word on who will replace her, but June Soucy will cover until a new representative is on board.

There will be several positions on the board up for renewal, so if you wish to be part of the board, please submit your name once the meeting information is sent out.

Everyone should receive their coupon books for next year along with financial statements. No increase in dues this coming year.

The Christmas party is being planned for Dec. 7 at the pool area. If you can help, contact Deb Harris.

On Nov. 11, volunteers from Beautify Carolina Forest will mulch several medians along River Oaks Drive and Carolina Forest Boulevard.

In the spring, they will replace the four Bradford pear trees that were removed by Carolina Forest Elementary School.

They will probably plant more crepe myrtles as they are very hardy, heat tolerant and drought tolerant.

The Bradford pear trees were becoming top heavy and there was a risk of falling into the street during a wind storm, so that is why they were removed.

We trimmed the live oaks for the same reason and also to allow some air within the limbs to keep the trees in good shape.

The Friends of Carolina Forest Library’s bag of book sale will be Tuesday, Nov. 19, from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. If you have never been, it is great way to find new and used books at a great price of $5 per brown paper bag.

You just buy the bag and fill it with whatever you want to read or give as gifts. Maybe books are new as they were donated by Ollie’s and The Book Warehouse.

Special for November is to buy one book and get one book free for all non-fiction books and fiction paperbacks.

Happy birthday to Mandie Silver Nov. 8 and Juliet Lotts Nov. 10.

Happy anniversary to Marcia and Rick Orencia Nov. 18.

I look forward to hearing the news of the neighborhood. Email me at


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