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This is not the first column that I have written since COVID, as I was asked to write a newsletter to appear on our neighborhood site,, to keep people informed of what was going on.

So, I did a newsletter once a month for the last six months. I tried to keep people informed about things happening in Covington Lake and in Carolina Forest. I didn’t write a column last week as Norm and I were in Massachusetts to check on my mom. She is 95 years young and lives in assisted living. Also saw my older sister who had a stroke and needed some help, and saw my brother, his wife and my nephew, who is working from his parents’ home as he couldn’t stand being alone in his apartment after two weeks of working from home.

We had to produce a negative COVID test within 72 hours of traveling there or be in quarantine for 14 days, so we ended up using and doing a virtual health check and then having the test done at their Murrells Inlet office with results in an hour. Massachusetts has a very low positive rate of COVID and wants to keep it that way. So, they have an online tracking system so they can track anyone who gets COVID.

How times have changed in the last six months.

Covington Lake has 16 new homeowners since January 2020, but it has been hard to meet some of them due to COVID.

I try to greet new people as I see them on the street. Maybe in the spring, we will need to have another block party to get to know all the new neighbors.

The board has been looking at the ditch behind Covington Drive, as it is flooding homeowners’ back yards. Over the years, homeowners have placed yard waste back there, and tree roots have caused the ditch to not flow out to Carolina Forest Boulevard as originally planned. They will need to clean the ditch out and get it flowing again to stop the flooding. Please don’t throw your yard waste back there. Instead, take it to the recycling center on International Drive.

Since the county is still working on the widening of Carolina Forest Boulevard and the new multi-use pathway, the board is waiting for this to be completed before re-designing the front plantings of Covington Lake.

There is no irrigation there presently so that will have to be replaced also. Tree and Lake Care came and trimmed the palms out front and the oak trees in the common area. One tree was missed and will be done in the coming weeks.

The Covington Lake community yard sale will be Oct. 17 from 8 a.m. – noon so you should start cleaning out your garages and attics if you haven’t already done so.

The recycling center said they broke all kinds of records for trash during the pandemic as people cleaned out their houses and yards. I noticed that several of our new owners have been cleaning up some long, neglected yards.

Several children and the library are selling the new attraction books. They are good from now until December 2021 and are a great way to try some of the restaurants and services in the area. $20 each.

We lost one homeowner during the pandemic that I know of. Mrs. Fleming died after a long fight with breast cancer. Our thoughts are with her husband and family.

Madison Powell of Covington Lake was a scholarship winner from the Friends of Carolina Forest Library. She is attending University of South Carolina. Congratulations.

The Carolina Forest Library is now open six days a week with a regular schedule except Saturday when they’re only open 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

They offer in-building book borrowing with mask, or curbside pickup. The computers are available for one-hour slots.

They still aren’t having any events or meetings, and no volunteers yet. The used book store. The Nook, is open when the library is open and is having a buy one, get one free sale.

There is also a pre-made bags of books of all genres for sale for $3-5 each and audio books and CDs for $10 per bag.

The library is not accepting books for donation at this time, but I have been accepting some at my house to hold until donations are allowed. If you are new to the area, don’t forget to get your free library card. The library is not just about books. They will be lending out WIFI mobile hotspots, and all kinds of online offerings at They are offer through their website that is being funded by the state library.

Beautify Carolina Forest volunteers have been busy during the pandemic maintaining all the medians and picking up lots of litter. You may have noticed that the big green Carolina Forest sign was finally cleaned up.

It took some urging from Rep. Tim McGinnis to get DDR, the new owner, to clean it up and mow the grass. Thank you, Tim, for your help.

The widening of Carolina Forest Boulevard continues, and I see more and more people walking/biking on the unfinished road and path. Remember the multi-use path is for non-motorized use only, and not golf carts.

The Horry County Police Department and Fire Department are holding a drive-through, no contact National Night Out on Oct. 6 at 5:30 p.m. in the recreation center parking lot.

They sent a special invite to us as we have held a NNO block party the last two years in Covington Lake, and we were unable to this year due to the pandemic. Thee will be police vehicles to see, and goodie bags at the end.

I tried to keep up on birthdays and anniversaries with my newsletter, but welcome new dates to add to my list. I have removed a lot of people who have moved.

Happy birthday to Elijah Cox Oct. 2 and Diane Olock Oct. 5.

Happy anniversary to Cheryl and Richard Modica Oct. 4.

Sign up to use our website at and our Covington Lake Facebook page. Great way to hear what is going on.

If you are new to the area, remember to lock cars that are parked outside at night, as people like to enter unlocked cars and take what they can resell.

I look forward to hearing from our new and current homeowners. Email me at

I hope everyone is healthy and safe.


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