Betsy Fay

As I write this column, the new pool is filling with water. It still needs to be treated with chemicals, the deck chairs need to be brought out and the bathrooms need to be cleaned up before opening the pool.

There will be publicized times when homeowners can get their cards to enter the pool.

I’m sure the board will be happy once the job is complete. They have spent a lot of their time on this project.

Tentatively, pool cards will be handed out this Saturday from noon – 4 p.m. Bring ID to verify your address.

We have a new homeowner on Quincy Hall. Welcome, Jason Marion.

The rest of the sidewalk trees were removed this week, so that project is completed. Still waiting for the common areas to have the red stone removed and sod placed.

Some of the signets have birthed on the pond, according to several neighbors near their nest. Not sure how many in all.

The community yard sale is this Saturday from 8 a.m. - noon. I have advertised the sale on several sites and there will be a new sign in front of the neighborhood. Good luck to all sellers.

The fishing tournament will be May 11 and will be run by Deb Harris. Thank you for volunteering to run this event.

Premier Management and the board will be looking at homes and yards to make sure they comply with covenants.

Remember, all dead trees and bushes need to be removed, lawns mowed and edged, all house exteriors need to be in good shape, all mail posts painted and mail boxes in working order.

If you plan to replant, remember to file an ARC form which can be found at

Beautify Carolina Forest volunteers will need help on Monday, April 29 at 9 a.m. to mulch the new medians gardens that were planted on Gardner Lacy Road.

Bring wheelbarrow, pitch fork, shovel or rake if you have them. Work as long as you can. Great exercise.

Thank you to Bill Howard, Johnny Vaught, Dennis DiSabato and Dan Hardee for their county council funds to help with beautification projects.

The library remains busy and is gearing up for Summer Quest, the summer reading program.

The next bag of books sale will be May 22. Just got a large donation of new books including children’s books from The Book Warehouse. Thank you for the donation.

The county is supposed to start working on Carolina Forest Boulevard in May. We will all need to show lots of patience during this project.

Happy anniversary to Elizabeth and John Wills on May 1. They have been married for 54 years.

I’m still working with one arm for at least three more weeks. I didn’t realize how much I could miss the use of my left arm but hopefully, the muscle repair will heal and I will be able to hold my grand babies in a few months.

Look forward to hearing the news and events of the neighborhood.

Email me at bffrn12@


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