Betsy Fay

We’re back from a busy morning of picking up trash along Carolina Forest Boulevard. Norm and I pick from U.S. 501 to Gateway Drive once a month and homeowners John Lopez and John Wills pick from Gateway to Covington Drive.

Today, we picked nine bags of trash, most of it from the ditches. People ask me all the time what we pick up.

It includes fast food containers, plastic bags, cigarette and cigar wrappers, vaping cartridges, straws, hub caps and even syringes and drug baggies.

We also find wallets, credit cards, money and lots of damaged car parts from accidents.

It is a good morning of exercise. Thank you, John and John, for your dedication.

This Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Carolina Forest Library is our annual meeting. As of the writing of this column, we still don’t have enough proxies to have a meeting.

Three people are up for nomination for board members including two incumbents, Norm Fay and Roberta Tasco, and one newcomer, John Harris. The board will also accept nominations from the floor.

Please plan to attend and hear about our community and upcoming projects.

I met several neighbors at the volunteer fair this past Friday at the library. It was well attended with 25 organizations present. Glad to see that people are looking to help in the community.

I was at the Beautify Carolina Forest table. We were handing out car litter bags that look like plastic bags but they will biodegrade after 90 days if they end up in the landfill.

We had a grant from Walmart and used it to purchase the bags. We will hand them out at Walmart one Saturday later this spring. Thank you, Walmart, for your support of environmental causes.

I just heard that Jan and Phil Carter from Plantation Lakes showed up at the library parking lot to help pick up litter in that area. Thank you for your help.

If I could just get people to keep their litter in their cars and not throw it out the window. Just a wish on my part.

If you see new owners, encourage them to join our Facebook page so they can get any current news. We had several in the last month.

The Horry County Literacy Council is having a murder mystery dinner on Jan. 25 at the Dunes Golf and Beach Club featuring the Carolina Forest High School Drama Club.

It is $50 per person with a cash bar and silent auction. You can purchase tickets at or call 843-945-4105.

The Friends of Carolina Forest Library’s bag of books sale in Wednesday, Jan. 22 from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. We are packed with books especially children’s and young adult books.

We also have some DVDs, CDs and VHS tapes.

January’s sale for the month is buy one, get one free on adult non-fiction, all children’s and young adult books, paperbacks and DVDs.

Stop by and check it out while you get a free library card if you don’t have one yet.

Local author Tracey Bailey will speak at the library at 2 p.m. on Jan. 18 and our very own Carole Bellacera will speak on Jan. 25 at 11 am.

The library will be closed on Jan. 20 for Martin Luther King Day.

AARP will do taxes on Thursdays from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the library from Feb. 6- April 9. It is free to all residents.

They can’t do out of state returns, just South Carolina’s. It is on a first- come first-served basis. Bring a book to read or stop by The Nook and buy a book, because sometimes there is a wait.

Construction along Carolina Forest Boulevard continues. Looks like they are moving in our direction. Project has 700 days to be completed, so it should be done around May 2021.

They are starting utility work along Postal Way where they will widen the road and connect Postal Way to Waccamaw Drive on the other side of the outlet mall.

Lots of new things in the works for Carolina Forest.

Happy birthday to my husband Norm and Heath McCullion Jan. 19 and Bob Cotell Jan. 23.

I look forward to hearing the news of the neighborhood. Email me at


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