Betsy Fay

­The big news is the Covington Lake community pool is now open as of last Friday at 2 p.m. After much hard work on the part of the board and Premier Management, it is open for use.

The first day, it was full of laughing children and their parents. I hope everyone lets the board know how much they appreciate their hard work.

Many projects were done by the board members with minimal expense to the homeowners, which saved us money, and the pool was completed with the original budget. That was even with the need to move the drainage ditch, and several added projects that were discovered during the process.

Rules of the pool include no animals of any kind, no smoking and no glass containers inside the pool enclosure.

Children under age 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Please clean up your trash and take it home with you.

No one is allowed in the pool from 10 p.m. to 9 a.m.

Please follow these rules as they are there to protect you and your family.

With the new security system, the board is able to see the pool at all times, and know who has badged into the pool.

Please take care of the property.

We are still having an issue with people not picking up after their dogs. If you own a pet, you need to take responsibility for your pet.

We have several new neighbors moving in this week. Stop by and introduce yourself if you see them.

Congratulations to Bridgett Young and Brandon Panepinto who were recipients of the Friends of Carolina Forest Library scholarships. Both will receive $1,000 towards tuition and books.

Thank you to all the volunteers and local buyers who helped make the library bag of books sale a huge success. We broke a record for the number of bags sold and cleared out a lot of books.

The next one will be in July.

The library is getting ready for Summer Quest. You can register your child for the reading program at and go to the Carolina Forest site under Summer Quest.

Prizes are given to all who participate, and the program is working with the school system to promote summer reading.

In June, the library will offer classes in 3D doodler pens. Each class is limited to six adults or children. Sign up is required.

Tideland Health will offer a class on Friday, June 7 at noon on skin screening, and it comes with a box lunch. Sign up is required.

Next litter pick up with Beautify Carolina Forest is June 15. Meet at the recreation center parking lot at 8 a.m.

There is lots of building going on in Carolina Forest including something in front of Ollie’s and more down by the Lowes grocery store. Construction on Carolina Forest Boulevard is starting in the next few weeks, so be patient.

Hoping everyone survived biker’s month and is now looking forward to all the summer traffic. Ha! Ha!

Happy anniversary to Elaine and Bob Cotell on June 6.

Look forward to reading the news of the neighborhood. Email me at


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