Betsy Fay

It looks like the summer is finally upon us and my garden is starting to prosper. We have radishes, lettuce and carrots to pick this week. I have given a lot of lettuce to neighbors, as I just can’t eat it fast enough. Soon we will have tomatoes, peppers, green beans and more.

The pool is getting close to opening. The new pool furniture has arrived, and the Morgan family pressure washed the concrete area under the roof.

The board is now waiting for the final approvals from the county and DHEC inspectors. Everyone is talking about how nice it will be when it finally opens. It has been a long process but will be worth it for all.

If you haven’t gotten your card for the pool, contact Premier Management to pick it up. Each family gets one card. It will remain activated as long as you are current on your fees and assessments. Replacement cards will cost $25.

After the fishing tournament, Tony, one of our homeowners, showed his model train layout to some of the children.

My dad had a set-up in our basement which could be lowered from the ceiling for us to play with it. It brought back many memories.

There has been some discussion on our Facebook page about the speed limit. It is 20 mph, which is barely putting your foot on the gas. Most people I see are doing around 30-35 mph and I have seen many people who don’t stop at stop signs or even slow down.

The children will be out of school soon and even though we caution them to not run into the street, they are children.

That part of their brain isn’t formed yet and they act on impulse, so we as adults need to slow down and pay attention when driving in the neighborhood.

Another complaint is pet owners not picking up after their dogs. Please pick up and dispose of the waste in your trash can. That is part of your responsibility as a pet owner.

The summer reading program is starting at the Carolina Forest Library. You can go to to register your children for the program. It is under Summer Quest.

There are lots of summer programs to participate in, so stop by and get a calendar.

The library will be closed May 25-27 for the Memorial Day holiday.

The next Beautify Carolina Forest litter weekend is June 15.

If you didn’t attend the Carolina Forest Civic Association meeting on May 15, you missed a great presentation by David Schwerd, director of zoning and planning, about the widening of Carolina Forest Boulevard and other Ride III projects.

I saw maps about all the work to be done, and it sounds like the project will start early in June as the contract for work has been awarded.

The contractor has 700 days to finish the work on Carolina Forest Boulevard.

Most lane closures involved will be done from 7 p.m. - 7 a.m.

At the June 19 meeting, our county councilmen will be there to answer your questions.

I was glad to see a crowd at the meeting, and hope residents will continue to come and show their support for our community.

There will be a bike and walking path in front of Covington Lake as part of the road project. It will run from Carolina Forest Elementary School to River Oaks Drive.

Happy birthday to Phyllis Forbes on May 29.

Hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day. Remember that fireworks are prohibited in Covington Lake.

Look forward to hearing from our homeowners. Email me at


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