Betsy Fay

I’m writing this column from Long Beach, California where I’m visiting my daughter Katie, son-in-law Troy and first grandbabies, Eleanor and Evelyn, 10 months old.

Norm stayed home to keep an eye on the homestead and also get some work done on the pool.

It is really a different lifestyle here. The houses are all crammed together with a common back alley.

Because it seldom rains, people leave their stuff out all over their yards, so when I’m walking the girls in the stroller, there are broken things and trash everywhere.

The yards are covered with flowering bushes as they never die back, but they don’t appear to have ever been trimmed, and in some cases, you can barely see the house for all the plants in the front yard.

And lastly, everyone seems to have one to three dogs in their yards that bark all night, so it is hard to sleep after the quiet in Covington Lake. I guess that dogs are for protection.

There is a sign on the highway that there are 60,000 homeless people in Los Angeles, and many of them in Long Beach. They just start a pile of trash along the canals and add to it until it is a shelter. No one seems to know what to do about it.

Crazy, compared to Myrtle Beach.

I’m enjoying my time with my grandbabies. They are standing up along furniture but still a little wobbly, so we have some falls.

Starting to like Elmo on TV, though Dad doesn’t like them to watch TV. They are saying a few words and definitely have very different personalities.

Eleanor loves to climb into your lap and cuddle, and Evelyn is all about exploring the world. They bring me great joy.

Back at Covington Lake, the community yard sale is Oct. 5 from 8 a.m. -noon. Hope to have a good showing, and the board will put out the sign the week before to remind the Carolina Forest Boulevard traffic.

The playground has had new mulch added, and they are replacing some of the black curving.

The pool will stay open in September, and then the board will monitor its use to see how long it will stay open in October.

My husband tells me the weather was cooler last week, but is supposed to warm up this coming week, into the 90s again, so we’ll see.

We need to continue to pick up after our dogs and report people who aren’t following the rules if we see them in the act.

Someone asked about putting up dog poop stations with bags and trash cans, but then who will take care of those trash cans?

We don’t have a trash can at the pool for this reason, as people were using it to drop their poop bags in, and we don’t have anyone to empty the trash there.

I don’t understand why people can’t take care of their dogs. If you have a dog, you take on the responsibility to take care of the dog and their needs.

Any problems should be reported to Janine at Premier Management.

The volunteers of Beautify Carolina Forest will need help on Oct. 9 to spread two loads of mulch on the River Oaks medians.

To help, meet by the medians around 9 a.m. Bring wheelbarrows, pitchforks and shovels if you have them.

The library remains busy as always, with many events on the calendar. There are all kinds of book clubs, craft classes, health classes, plus classes for kids of all ages.

The Friends of Carolina Forest Library are changing the meeting time to the first Monday of the month at 10 a.m., so if you wish to volunteer at the library, please join us.

There is a $10 lifetime membership fee that covers a badge to wear when you are volunteering.

The Friend’s next big project is Family Fun Day on Oct. 12. Children buy a wrist band for $5 and can enjoy the inflatable rides, games, have their face painted, balloon art and petting zoo from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

There will also be pumpkins to buy and paint and food for purchase. The Horry County Parks & Recreation Department will help with the fair.

To volunteer to help, contact Marilyn at marilynkkeyser@ Don’t need to do the whole time, a couple of hours would be a big help, and teens can help to earn their community service hours.

My husband said they had a great speaker at the Civic Association meeting last week who explained the assessment increases. I think you have until some time in October to file an appeal if you think your assessment isn’t correct.

I think I remember that Henry Falcon’s birthday is this week on Sept. 29, but I didn’t bring the paperwork to check.

My luggage was full of books, clothes and birthday presents for the grandbabies.

Several houses have sold in the past couple weeks, so keep your eyes out for new faces and make them feel welcome.

I look forward to hearing the news of the neighborhood.

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