Betsy Fay

Hope everyone is safe after our third hurricane in three years. I’m not sure if it is because of global warming, but the hurricanes appear to be getting more frequent.

Thankfully, it missed most land masses along the coast, though the Bahamas look like it will be a long time before they are inhabitable again.

Our neighborhood seemed to survive the storm without any major damage that I know of. The board dropped the water level on the lakes to control flooding and once the storm was over, the dam board was placed back to allow water to come back to pre-storm level.

The pool overflowed with water, but by the time this column is published, should be back in use. Once the storm is over, water has to be drained to the correct level and retreated before people can swim in it, according to the DHEC codes. The pool will be locked until the pool is usable.

There were some comments about the pool being closed two days before the storm, but the pool company couldn’t guarantee that they could get out to treat the water, so the decision was made to lock it up.

There are lots of decisions that the board must make to have everything done before a hurricane, and I don’t think most of our homeowners understand that. I welcome them to run for the board next time around, and see all the work that is done for free.

Don’t forget that the community yard sale is Oct. 5 from 8 a.m. – noon.

Don’t forget that school has started up again, so please slow down when driving in our neighborhood and in the Carolina Forest area. With the construction going on, it is easy to be distracted and cause an accident.

If you have any concerns about our neighborhood, don’t hesitate to call Janine at Premier Management and let her know the issues.

This weekend is litter pickup weekend. If you are interested in helping, be at the recreation center parking lot at 8 a.m. on Saturday. We will provide all the supplies and give you an area to do.

Usually takes an hour or two to do an area. Community service hours are available.

The volunteers will be doing projects like mulching in October. Check out the website at if you wish to help.

People are always asking me about Phil, who everyone sees walking along Carolina Forest Boulevard picking up trash on a daily basis.

Phil likes to walk every day, so he picks litter as he goes.

Another volunteer, Paul, can be seen on River Oaks and International Drive all the time. He is a former mail carrier who likes to hike, and he not only picks litter, but also mows several medians in the area along with other volunteers.

Thank you to both of them for their service.

The Carolina Forest Library is growing in leaps and bounds. Our library is now the fastest growing library in the county and the third biggest in monthly patron use. That is not bad for a library that just opened seven years ago.

Stop by and check out the calendar and the library. There are lots of activities for all ages. We are lucky to have a great staff that is always there to help its patrons.

My husband Norm was in Michigan last weekend for his 50th high school reunion. He was supposed to drive up there on Thursday, but due to weather, didn’t leave until Friday.

It took him 15 hours to drive there, and I will make a guess that it will be the last time that he does that. He drove back on Sunday, so it was a short trip.

Happy birthday to Glenn Smith Sept. 13 and happy anniversary to Barb and John Harris Sept. 15, and Mandie and Jonathan Silver Sept. 17.

Look forward to hearing the news of the neighborhood. Email me at


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