Betsy Fay

By the time this column comes out, I hope I will have gotten rid of this cast on my left arm and started rehab to get my strength back and my elbow working.

I have a hard time sitting around, so I have tried to keep up my normal projects with one arm and asking for help as needed.

Thank you to my neighbor Juliet who cooked a shepherd’s pie one day for us. It was delicious and very appreciated.

The pool continues to move along. Thank you to Henry Falcon for helping the board repaint the lines in parking lot.

The pool pumps are now running, and the board is waiting for the contractor to get the chemicals set and approval from the county and DEHC.

Premier Management will notify homeowners how to get their pool cards, or you can call them at 843-357-4515 if you want to go to the Murrells Inlet office to pick up the card.

This is also the number to call if you have any questions about our neighborhood or issues that you want to bring to their attention, like fountains not working.

All homeowners will receive one pool card that is tied to their address. If you are behind on dues or assessments, the card will not be activated until payment is made.

Don’t forget the fishing tournament this Saturday, May 11 at 9 a.m. The board will provide bait along with morning goodies. Prizes will be awarded for shortest, longest and most fish caught.

Any adults who would like to help are appreciated.

Please remember that the speed limit in Covington Lake is 20 mph. With the nice weather comes children with bikes, so we need to slow down and keep our eyes open at all times.

Thank you to the homeowner on Stonemason who had a yard sale last week to benefit Fostering Hope in Conway. Great way to clean out your used stuff and help a good cause.

The Carolina Forest Library Nook had a busy week with a huge donation of DVDs.

May’s sale is adult non-fiction and paperback fiction books. Buy one, get one free and DVDs are two for $1.

The bag of books and DVD sale is May 21 from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. If you have never been before, you should give it a try. Great way to get summer reading and for $5,

you get a brown grocery bag to fill with books and audio materials.

I attended a health conversation last Friday at the library put on by Tidelands Health. It was called “A to Zinc” and was a talk by their head pharmacist about vitamins and herbals and included a free lunch.

It was very informative and he basically said that we don’t need most of the extra vitamins as the body can only use so much and the rest is eliminated.

He said a multivitamin and calcium with D if you are a female is plenty. He also said to make sure your doctor knows all the supplements you take, as many interfere with your medications.

The next conversation will be June 7 at noon and will have a doctor who specializes in skin cancer who will do on-the-spot skin checks. Lunch is included and registration is required.

Volunteers from Beautify Carolina Forest have finished mulching the medians that they planted on Gardner Lacy Road. Myrtle Beach National Golf course is helping to keep them mowed and watered. Southern Scapes helped haul the free mulch from the solid waste authority. Thank you to all.

This weekend is litter pickup. If you wish to help, show up at 8 a.m. at the recreation center parking lot at 8 a.m. on Saturday and we will supply you with bags, pickers and safety vests.

Look forward to hearing the news and events of the neighborhood. Email me at

It surprises me how many people outside of Covington Lake read my column and enjoy it.

Thank you for your support.


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