Betsy Fay

As I write my column, I’m listening to all the COVID news, especially since Mr. Trump tested positive, and how that affects the campaign and the vote.

I have been at the Carolina Forest Library several times this week and as a place to vote early, it has been very busy. I think we will see a record number of voters for this election.

You can vote there Monday- Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. You just need your license and a reason. You can just say “pandemic.”

If you have applied for an absentee vote, you may not be able to vote as you have already been removed from the list, as absentee ballots are starting to be sent out. You can return the absentee ballot to the library. Just make sure that you have someone witness the absentee ballot.

This Saturday is our community yard sale. I hope everyone has a successful day and nice weather.

I’m also selling books and DVDs that were donated to me to benefit the Carolina Forest Library since the library is still not taking any donations. They are selling lots of pre-made bags of books, especially with all the voting traffic.

The Friends of the Carolina Forest Library are also selling the attraction book for $20. I will remind people that last year the book sold out by December 2019 even though the book was good until December 2020. So, don’t wait too long if you want one.

Starting past Sunday, the traffic pattern on Carolina Forest Boulevard changed so that Southern Asphalt could work on the medians and the rest of the multi-use path.

The statement by the county says that the multi-use path will be closed during this time. The speed limit has been reduced to 35 mph for the entire road.

We are told that during the next couple of weeks, they will repair our entrance. That is where the multi-use path will cross Covington Lake, so just be patient.

This is a two-year project that has moved along very smoothly with minimal problems, and I hope it continues.

The board will decide on a closing date for the pool at their meeting later this month.

Beautify Carolina Forest volunteers have been busy with fall cleanups of medians, and hope to do some mulching in November. Tim McGinnis, owner of The Famous Toastery and our state representative, has started a “Change to Beautify Carolina Forest” where people can contribute their change to this organization.

Due to the coin shortage, stores are having a hard time keeping enough change so they hope this will allow them to deal with this issue. Thank you to Tim and The Famous Toastery for their continuous support.

Last Saturday, Beautify Carolina Forest again had help from the Scholars Academy and CCU students and their parents to pick litter.

We picked a lot of bags of trash and picked some areas that hadn’t been picked in a while. One of the mothers told me that she found picking trash “very therapeutic.”

I guess walking along just picking up trash can do that for you. Thank you so much to them for their help. My guess we will have picked over 100 bags again this month.

Happy birthday to Deb Harris Oct. 22 and happy anniversary to Cathy and Kevin Korley Oct. 19.

I enjoy hearing the news of the neighborhood. Email me at Stay safe.


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