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It seems like more of my friends and relatives are starting to get call backs for the COVID vaccine. That makes me very happy. I truly believe we can control of this if we can get everyone vaccinated. It doesn’t mean that people won’t get the virus. But if they do, it will hopefully be a much milder case.

Everyone should have received a new proxy in the mail this past week for the rescheduled annual meeting with one change. It will be Feb. 27 at 2 p.m. (instead of 10 a.m.) at the Carolina Forest Recreation Center. The 10 a.m. time was double booked by mistake and was needed for basketball league pictures, so the board changed the time to 2 p.m. Please sign and mail your proxy as soon as you get it so we can have an official meeting on Feb. 27. At the last meeting, only 33% of you returned the proxy when we needed 51% to have an official meeting with election of new board members. Meeting will require masks and social distancing to keep everyone safe.

There are three homeowners running for three board positions. They include John Olock, Debra Harris and Brian Hakoun

Our community yard sale is scheduled for March 27. I hope we will have good participation and crowds. I’d like to run a book sale again as I have a huge closet full of donated books to sell for the library since they aren’t allowing donations yet due to COVID.

You will notice if you are down by the pool that a new street light has been added. There was a concern that it was very dark at that end of Covington Drive and that is where the bears hang out. I hope there will be some legislation this year to cut the cost of all the Santee Cooper rental street lights. Right now, we pay a rental fee per pole plus electricity and it is very expensive. Over the 22-plus years of having the poles, we paid the cost of the poles many times over. We are looking to just pay for the electricity in the future. Bob Sweet from Plantation Lakes along with state Rep. Tim McGinnis, R-Carolina Forest, have been working with Santee Cooper to come up with a plan.

There are three major projects that the board will be looking at this year. They are dealing with the ditch flooding behind Covington Drive, replanting the front of Covington Lake with new trees and irrigation, and fixing all the fountains. The estimates to repair/replace the fountains have been very high, so the board is looking at other options.

This weekend is the Beautify Carolina Forest litter pickup. Anyone wishing to help should meet at the Carolina Forest Recreation Center parking lot at 8 a.m. on Saturday.

The Carolina Forest Library still has attraction books for sale for $20 each. They are good through December.

I look forward to hearing the news and events of the neighborhood.

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