Betsy Fay

This Saturday is the Covington Lake community yard sale from 8 a.m. until noon. I think we are the first community yard sale, so it could be busy. The sign was put out on Carolina Forest Boulevard this past week so everyone will know about the sale. It’s also being advertised on several websites. Good luck.

Goodwill will have a truck in the pool parking lot from 12-2 p.m. for donations. If you end up with big items that you can’t get to the parking lot, let me know and I can contact their coordinator and get permission for them to come to your house. They aren’t allowed to do this without permission from their coordinator. My number is 774-991-0185. 

I will also be doing a bag of books sale for the Friends of the Carolina Forest Library. You buy a brown grocery bag for $5 and you can fill with books, DVDs and VHS tapes. I have received lots of great donations to select from. All people living in Covington Lake are welcome to participate in the yard sale.

Effective April 1, Waccamaw Management will be the management company for Covington Lake. Homeowners should be receiving a letter and new dues books in the next week. They will have a new website for all of us to use. You will be able to list your house on a public directory if you would like. The board is very excited about this new arrangement.

There is some discussion on Facebook about the fountain situation. I know they got one fountain working, but the problem is that some can’t be fixed and the estimate for replacement was three times what the board paid last time to replace them. The board continues to look for a company that charges a better price to replace them. The board will work with our new management company to fix the fountains. 

As I walk around the neighborhood, I notice that many yards are in need of a cleanup and weed control. I hope homeowners will take pride in their homes and yards and keep up with their needs.

Beautify Carolina Forest volunteers are working on cleaning up the medians in the coming months. Please be aware of them as you drive in the area. 

I’m still having problems with my ducks in my pool. I’m not sure what the solution is to this problem. Any advice would be appreciated.

I hope everyone has been able to get vaccinated as their age group allows and I’m glad to hear that teachers are able to get vaccinated so children can be back at school.

I feel like this might be a lost year for many school children.

Don’t forget the Friends of Carolina Forest Library scholarship. Applications are available at the library and due by April 3 to be considered for the $1,000 scholarships. 

I look forward to learning about news and events in the neighborhood. Email me at


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