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I’m just back from our annual HOA meeting held at the Carolina Forest Library with about 55 people in attendance. We had a quorum, thanks to the board going door to door to encourage participation, so it was a legal meeting.

The board of directors stayed the same, as incumbents Norm Fay and Roberta Tasco were reelected for two years.

President Norm Fay gave a year-end report along with a budget for 2020. Among the things discussed was the addition of two people to the ARC committee to bring its membership to five people. Dave Baker and Adam Pielmeier were added.

There was a discussion about solar power, which the board has been looking into. It would require a change of our covenants and a 2/3 approval vote of homeowners, so several people volunteered to help the board with this project once the actual covenant is formatted.

There was a discussion about pond maintenance with our new pond company, Tree and Lake Care. This past week, they assessed the ponds and pulled out a lot of litter, etc.

Several homeowners volunteered to help, and then one of our new homeowners, Monica Gray, spoke up.

She is an environmental engineer who teaches at CCU and is willing to help us with her students to work on the lake erosion issue and other problems. Everyone was very excited.

There was a discussion of the need to landscape the front of the subdivision. The board will be looking into a design for this area this year, but will probably wait until the Carolina Forest Boulevard widening is complete to plant, as we also need the irrigation redone.

It was good to hear people’s questions and concerns and to bring them to the ears of the board.

I answered many questions about the construction on Carolina Forest Boulevard, and also brought the county map with the plans in front of Covington Lake.

One person asked about more lights near the front entrance, especially where the bike path will cross the entrance. You will notice that the entrance has been paved where the ruts were occurring when it rained. Yeh!

I read one of the letters in the paper this past week and feel I need to comment, as several points made were not accurate.

The letter writer stated that the voters voted to have impact fees a few years ago. That vote was a non-binding referendum that let the county council know that the voters were pro impact fees.

Another inaccurate point is that the fee will come from the developer’s pocket. The fee, around $2,500 per home, will be added to the cost of the home and paid for by the home buyer.

Just wanted to set the record on impact fees straight, as they are a very current issue.

Several people have commented that they don’t think there are many fish left in the ponds. But, according to several fishermen, there are lots of fish to be caught.

Norm saw a neighborhood teen catch a 12-inch bass from one of the ponds off Clandon Drive.

We don’t currently have a premier management representative as Janine left in August and June Soucy has been covering. Waiting for a new representative to be hired.

Today, we did another project when we replaced all of our smoke alarms in our home.

Most smoke detectors are only good for 10 years and ours are at least 12 years old, so we decided it was time. They don’t always let you know they aren’t working until it is too late.

Myriam Bradshaw has sent me information about a Valentine’s Day party at the recreation center on Feb. 14 so parents can go out and enjoy themselves while their children have their own party.

It falls on a Friday night this year. The cost is $20 per child for ages 5-12 and runs from 6-10 p.m. You can register at

The library and AARP will have free tax preparation starting every Thursday from Feb. 6 - April 9 from 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. It is on a first-come, first-served basis, and a list will be started once the library opens at 9 a.m.

Other Horry County libraries will offer tax prep on different days of the week if you can’t make it on a Thursday.

Don’t forget that our very own Carole Bellacera will be at the library talking about being an author on Jan. 25 at 11 am. Let’s all show up to support her.

Thank you to Publix and CarMax, as both companies have contacted Beautify Carolina Forest to provide both financial and employee support for our projects.

It is nice to see businesses getting involved in community projects. We already get support from Kroger, Walmart, Jiffy Lube, Palmetto Pride and Amazon along with private donations and county council. Donations can be sent to Beautify Carolina Forest PO Box 50411 Myrtle Beach, SC 29579.

Our next big project is to remove some of the bushes along the medians between U.S. 501 and Gateway Drive, as the plants are 20 years old and many are diseased and dying.

We’d love volunteer help once we get to the planting stage, and also to help with the mowing of the medians. If interested, go to and fill out our volunteer form and we will add you to our mailing list for future projects.

Students from Carolina Forest High School will participate in “We the People” in Washington, DC in April. We are very lucky as both the Academy of Arts, Science and Technology and Carolina Forest High School finished first and second in the statewide competition about our constitution.

They will travel to DC for the national competition and also sightseeing including a tour of the Pentagon.

Murray Law on Carolina Exchange behind Kroger will sponsor a spaghetti dinner on Jan. 31 from 4-7 p.m. The $10 per person price will all go to supporting the student costs.

I look forward to hearing about the news and events of the neighborhood. Email me at


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