Betsy Fay

I love the new decorations at the front of Covington Lake, especially the grinch and snowman. Thank you to Peter Lucarelli and his elves for all the work.

Every year, the display and lights get even better.

The new lake and fountain company has assessed the fountains that aren’t working. One is fixable and one is totally gone due to fishing line getting wrapped around the motor.

The cost is around $7,000 each to replace, so the board will have to see how that fits in the new year’s budget. They were able to bring the small fountain back to the middle of the lake after it broke loose from its moorings.

As I stated earlier, dues aren’t going up this year. From what I hear on Facebook, many neighborhoods are increasing their dues.

Several people from Covington Lake were complaining that we don’t get much for our dues. This is not true.

There is a cost to maintain the pool and area around it, landscaping and mowing, pole rental and electricity for street lights, which is very expensive, insurance and management costs, among other costs.

More things would increase the dues so the board tries to keep costs down along with dues.

If we have our annual meeting in January (I’m not sure due to COVID), you are welcome to come express your thoughts about things that you would like the board to consider doing for future budgets.

Sorry to hear that the Cotells will be moving to North Carolina to be closer to their daughters and their families. Elaine and I are magazine swappers.

As many of you know, Norm and I just got back from a cross-country car trip of 5,500 miles.

A few things that I noticed:

Out of every 15 trucks on the road, at least one is Amazon, Walmart, UPS or FedEx.

Commerce is alive and well if you see all the trucks and trains that are moving products across the country.

Most places that we stopped for gas or lodging, people were wearing masks and social distancing.

Restaurants have adopted to take out where indoor seating is not allowed.

People were very polite and helpful considering all that is going on, and lastly, don’t let anyone tell you that we don’t have lots of open space. We drove for hours in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California where there was nothing but empty fields and mountains.

This weekend is litter weekend for Beautify Carolina Forest. If you wish to help, meet at 8 a.m. on Saturday at the recreation parking lot.

Thank you for several donations that were received this week. They appreciate your physical and financial help to continue this beautification project.

We noticed on our drive across the country that many communities have litter groups. We saw collected bags of trash along the roads though in Los Angeles, with trash everywhere along with a huge homeless population.

Congratulations to my friend Dave Shetterly, who is on the board of Beautify Carolina Forest and lives in Plantation Lakes.

He was the master winner 65+ years old in the Plantation Lakes’ turkey trot.

As Christmas approaches, we need to try to help others who aren’t as lucky as we are. There are multiple locations in the area that are offering secret Santa trees for the needy.

So, please think about making a big difference for others.

My mom says she doesn’t need anything so I’m going to make a contribution in her name to a local food pantry in her neighborhood. Last year, we gave her an Alexa Show.

It has proven to be the best as she is able to see people throughout the pandemic as she sits in her assisted living apartment. I never would have thought that we would be where we are at this time last year. Hopefully, the vaccination is going to be available soon, but in the meantime, we need to be careful.

I guess that is all for this week. I look forward to hearing the news and events of the neighborhood.

I have an incomplete list of birthdays and anniversaries, so if you would like these events in my column, please send me the information.

Email me at Stay safe and healthy.


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