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I hope everyone had a fun Halloween. When I was a child, we knew everyone in our town, so we went out with pillow cases to fill with treats and came home with piles of candy.

Since I grew up in a large family of nine, we never had a lot of candy in the house, and Halloween was almost better than Christmas. We poured it all out on the living floor and traded with each other for an hour as we all had our favorites, and then my mom gave us each a large container to put our candy in.

I think she and my dad ate some of it as there was so much, and we tried to make it last until Christmas when there would be more candy.

I loved to visit my Pop as he ran a gas station and sold all kinds of penny candy. He always had some in his pocket, and my Nana had a big jar full in her pantry. When we visited them, we all ran for the pantry to get our fix.

My neighbor, Juliet, asked me to remind walkers and bikers to wear something reflective or carry a flashlight when out at dusk. It gets dark very fast and will be earlier after this weekend when we turn our clocks back one hour.

She was out walking her dog and didn’t see bikers until the last minute, and they probably didn’t see her either. I would ask people to walk on the sidewalks as the board repaired the sidewalks so we could use them, and you are less likely to be hit by someone who doesn’t see you in the dark.

I got an email from Michael Ujcich who used to live at 2339 Covington Drive. He was on the original board and president at one time, but now lives in Illinois.

He reads my column online and he said we have the same problems that they had back then, 20 years ago.

It was neat to hear from someone all the way from Illinois, and maybe some of the original homeowners remember him.

Deb Harris will have a planning meeting for the Dec. 7 Christmas party on Nov. 4 at 6 p.m. at her house at 525 Ellsworth Drive.

The party will be at the pool this year. Stop by and volunteer to help her with the plans. It will only be as big as you homeowners make it.

The pool closed last Monday and will reopen in April.

The common area between Ellsworth Drive and Clandon Drive has been sodded and looks really nice. Maybe at some point, the board can purchase some benches to put along the lakes.

The board has voted to buy a new sign for the front entrance to show current events going on in our neighborhood.

It will allow the board to publicize events easier.

A big get well wish to my neighbor Phyllis who is struggling with some back issues.

The volunteers of Beautify Carolina Forest planted the crepe myrtles that were knocked down by a car on the River Oaks median this past week.

They also worked with Tree and Lake Care to trim the live oaks on Carolina Forest Boulevard and take out some Bradford pears that aren’t doing well in one of the medians.

In the late winter, we will grind the stumps and plant some crepe myrtles to replace them.

The medians don’t have any irrigation, so we need to plant things that are drought and heat resistant. Since they encroached those medians from the county, they are responsible for maintaining them.

The volunteers of Beautify Carolina Forest received a grant from Palmetto Pride to put up some anti-litter signs. They appear at several locations where we found a lot of trash is dumped or cigarettes butts are dropped.

They say, “Please don’t be a Litter Bug- Help Keep Your Community Clean.” Thank you, SC Palmetto Pride for this grant.

At a recent Keep Horry County Beautiful meeting, the Secure Your Load law was discussed. All loads such as trash, yard waste and furniture have to be secured with a tarp or ropes to your vehicle so that nothing comes off onto the road.

It is fineable offense and officers can ticket you if your load isn’t secured.

KHCB has a grant from SC Palmetto Pride to provide free tarps at various recycling centers.

If you go to the Facebook page for Keep Horry County Beautiful, you will see the giveaways that are coming up. Like their site and you will see when they are going to be at recycling near you.

The library will be closed on Nov. 11 for Veterans Day.

The next bag of book sale will be Nov. 19 from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. The Nook’s special for November will be to buy one book and get one book free in adult nonfiction. Paperbacks are four for $1.

Don’t forget that pet adoption day will be Nov. 14 at the library from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. The adoption fee for dogs is $40 and cats is $25, which are reduced rates.

There is a cake decorating class on Nov. 2 and 9 at 11 a.m. Signup is required.

The SC Bar Association will present a seminar on ID theft on Monday, Nov. 18 at 5:30 p.m. at the library. This includes information about ID theft, fraud and scams.

I would say I get five calls or more a day that are scams of some kind, and senior citizens are the target for most scams.

I don’t answer most of them. If they are important, they will leave a message.

Happy birthday to Stan Lotts Nov. 2. I’m trying to update my birthday and anniversary lists as we have lots of new homeowners in Covington Lake.

So, don’t hesitate to email me your important dates and events.

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