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Summertime here in Berkshire brings out the best of the best. Some of the children in our community decided to have a lemonade stand on July 8. Olivia Latham, who has always wanted a lemonade stand, asked a friend to build her a lemonade stand as a birthday present.

Plans at first were just to sell lemonade, but they had a bigger and charitable idea. Instead of selling the lemonade, they would ask for donations for the food bank.

In a Facebook post to announce their endeavor, they ask for canned food, personal hygiene or monetary donations for the food bank.

The girls from the neighborhood all got together and made the lemonade, frosted and sprinkled the cupcakes, put cookies on plates, and set up their lemonade stand.

The word got out and they had a nice turnout. Everyone who came was very generous.

I even brought some donations and thanked the children and Loralle Lathan for making this happen. Great job.

Berkshire offers many events and activities for its residents during the summer. Each week Brenda Guerin, our lifestyle director, sends out an email detailing the events planned for the community.

On Thursdays, the Kids Korner event is planned for the children. On Thursday, July 11, they served hot dogs for the kiddos, and on July 18 they had an arts and crafts event for the kids.

The Planned for Kids Korner event for July 25 is bingo from noon – 1 p.m. Winners win prizes.

Parents, I hope you are bringing your children to enjoy these events. What a great way to meet new friends too.

There are also many events planned during the week for the adults in our community.

I hope you have signed up for the weekly emails. You can register to get those weekly emails by going to the Berkshire website,

We live in a beautiful community, and it requires all of us to keep it beautiful and safe for all.

For the safety of all, please follow the pool rules and the rules regarding driving golf carts. You are the eyes and ears of our community.

We now have a closed Facebook page for reporting community safety issues. I hope you are checking it out.

If you are new to our community and are looking for a volunteer opportunity, check out

Volunteers are needed for A Day of Hope, planned for Aug. 10 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Sheila at 843-568-9522.

Our AAM community manager Timothy Zachary provides weekly updates regarding our residents’ center, rules and regulations, community compliance, and landscaping.

If you have questions or concerns, contact him at 843-236-7287.

I hope your summer memories are memorable.

Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas provide some great places to make those memories everlasting.

I would love to hear about how you made your summer memorable like the girls did with their lemonade stand.

Contact me at


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