Brenda Tuel (New)

As many of you can see, the Berkshire Forest community is growing.

Many new houses are being built in the new section. Berkshire is getting a new amenity, a lazy river, near the amenity center. They are saying it will be completed in the summer.

Living here is Berkshire comes with many owner responsibilities. I recommend highly that you become familiar with the community rules and regulations that are posted on the community website,

What I love about our community is how our neighbors are reaching out and helping one another, and just being neighborly. This is evident by all the information and help posted on our Berkshire Facebook page.

Here in Berkshire we are fortunate to have a great life style program that caters to all age groups in our community.

On Jan. 15, Berkshire had its annual life style meeting to plan activities and events for the 2020 year. It was well attended. Many events are planned.

Bingo was held on Jan. 16 with 82 in attendance. It was a fun night too.

On Jan. 18, they had an appetizer mixer and close to 60 attended. Great way many of you are meeting your neighbors.

On Jan. 26, a family bowling night is planned from 4-7 p.m. at the Waccamaw Bowling Center. RSVP our life style director, Brenda at or call 843-236-1399 if you plan to attend.

Also planned is a Super Bowl party on Feb 2 at 4:30. You will need to RSVP for that too.

As always, you can check out the events and activities on the website.

I thank the members of the life style committee for all their help. They are Debbie Brewer, Dan Carrington, Jennifer Caputo, Annie Gladis, Donna DiNapoli, and Joyce Salthammer.

Berkshire Babes ladies are having their traditional Valentine luncheon on Feb. 13 at American Steak and Oyster House in Murrells Inlet. RSVP Elaine Steiner at by Feb. 10 or RSVP to Brenda, our life style director.

As always, I like to promote events supported and organized by our residents here in Berkshire.

On March 28, Amanda McDowell, president/founder of Adaya’s Gift of Hope, and a resident here in Berkshire, has a Hope Gala event planned at The Hall at St. John’s at 6 p.m.

Adaya’s Gift of Hope is a local, non-profit organization that shares hope to special needs children and families through financial resources, support and guidance.

This organization was started from Amanda’s personal experience with their daughter Adaya.

Three years ago, their daughter got sick with a virus which triggered an underlying genetic condition that caused her to suffer a traumatic brain injury.

Through their own experience getting her the help she needed to regain as much cognitive and physical capacity as possible, they have come across so many families who have endured such hardship.

For more information on Adaya’s Gift of Hope, visit You can buy tickets to the gala or make contributions on the website.

I hope you consider doing this for a sweet girl, Adaya. I hope all the communities will support Adaya too.

Save the date: March 3 at 6 p.m. will be our annual HOA member meeting at Beach Church.

As always, I love hearing from you. If you have any events or activities to share with our community, email me at


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