Brenda Tuel (New)

I am back. 

Like most of us, I am so thankful that spring has arrived. I hope to see better weather and see COVID-19 disappear. 

This virus has been so devastating on our country and our area.

We lost members of our community and several have come down with it. I know. I was a victim of this virus. Fortunately, my symptoms weren’t bad. 

Many of you are making your appointments to get your vaccine. Like most folks, we are wearing our masks, doing social distancing and sanitizing. For now, this will be the new norm.  But I hope you are getting out and patronizing our local business as they have been hit hard during this time.

As you can see, the Carolina Forest community is growing and new business are coming to our area. Some say it is good, others have their worries.

If you are a resident here in our community, one way to voice your concerns and get involved in our community is to attend the Carolina Forest Civic Association. To find out about their upcoming meetings, their website is

Get ready for our upcoming spring yard sale planned for our community. It’s April 17 from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. Now is a great time to clean out your closets and garages for items you would like to sell. Signs will be posted. Thank you Peggie Barnes for organizing this for our community.

By now, everyone has received their letter about our annual HOA meeting, which is set for April 14. There’s a little twist on how it will be conducted this year. You will be given instructions to log on to Zoom. They would like you to submit your questions prior to the meeting. You can send them to the community manager, Tim Zachary, at

For your information, the pool opens up April 1. I would highly recommend you become familiar with the rules of the pool. They are posted on the Berkshire website  What is new at the pool this year is the lazy river. I know this will be a big hit.

For all of you golf lovers, a golf tournament is planned to help the charity Cystinosis Research Network. It is scheduled for Aug. 14 at Myrtle Beach National’s West Course.

For more information, contact Elwin Miles at 843-222-5974 or

I love to promote members of our community. Just recently, Patrick Wunderlich, son of Angela Juliano Wunderlich and grandson of Diane and Joe Juliano, participated in the NCAA Division I South Atlantic Conference wrestling regional tournament. Despite his shoulder surgery last year, he placed fourth. He attends Coker University. Congratulations.

I would like to praise the teachers and parents this year on how they have dealt with virtual school during COVID. I hope everyone gets back to school and has a great year. Thank you. 

As always, I love hearing from our residents. If you have an upcoming event that you would like to share with our community, I will be glad to post it to our article. 

Hope everyone is getting their yards ready for spring. I love to ride around the community and see what everyone has done to their yards. Happy Easter to everyone.


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