Cats and Rats

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Whit's end

Just a few thoughts on the "cats for rats" idea. I am pretty much amazed that this is even being given serious consideration. First of all, cats catch mice not rats. Mice are easy prey and don't bite. On the other hand, there are very few cats that are willing to go to war with a large, very willing to bite rat. We now have a very large feral cat population in Surfside Beach and they have little interest or effect on the rat problem. The cats are being well fed by the tourists and residents in town and taking on rats for a food source, just isn't going to happen. If we were to go ahead with this brainstorm of an idea, what is the plan to eventually get rid of all these cats that we will now have hanging around all the parking lots and dumpsters at the condo buildings? We will now have two problems.
Her is one suggestion. Invest a little money in some "lockable" bait boxes that can only be gotten into through a small opening big enough for a rat to get through and place them around the dumpsters and areas where rats are present. Lockable bait boxes are safe and effective and should help greatly.

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