MYRTLE BEACH—George H. McMillen III, 47, died June 19 with his family by his side.

George was known for his ability to fix anything on a car, motorcycle or boat.  He had a successful All Terrain Customs business for more than a decade.  He loved riding motorcycles and was one of the best stunt riders around in his 20s and 30s. 

George was also an avid fisherman and loved spending time out on the ocean every chance he got. 

He graduated from Myrtle Beach High School in 1991.  George knew lots of people around the beach and was highly respected for his craft. 

He was a matter of fact guy that had no issue with telling you like he saw it, whether you wanted to hear it or not.  The key to that is that you always knew where you stood with George. 

What many people did not know about George is how family oriented he was.  He would do anything for family and showed so much love to his nephew and nieces.  He loved cooking on the grill, smoking Boston butts and had a special recipe that was unbelievably good. 

Mr. McMillen is survived by parents,George and Sana; sister,Tricia Degregorio,spouse Bobby Degregorio and their daughters Shayla, Alyssa and Gabriella and brother, Scott McMillen and his children Jackson and Ava Rose.

A visitation will be held Saturday, June 27, from 2-4 p.m. at McMillan Small Funeral Home in Myrtle Beach. George was born Oct. 19, 1972, in Thailand to George and Sanan McMillen. His father was a career Air Force supply senior non-commissioned officer and retired from Myrtle Beach Air Force Base in the early 90s.  His mother Sanan, had a career at AVX Corporation and is one of the best Thai food cooks in Myrtle Beach.  While Big George would take short tour assignments during his career, the family was raised in Myrtle Beach from 1973 on. 

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