MYRTLE BEACH—Lt. Col. (Ret.) Francis “Frank” Goggin Jr. passed away peacefully on Sept. 13 at his home following a short illness. 

Frank was born in San Francisco, California, in 1933. His family moved to Fresno, California where he attended San Joaquin Memorial High School and completed his college degree at Fresno State University.

He married his high school sweetheart, Rita Arlene Bair and began his first career as an aviator for the USAF. His next career he co-owned and operated Ramp 66 in North Myrtle Beach.

Frank loved life. He loved flying and aviation. He was a teacher, a mentor, a friend, a role model to his children, grandchildren and many others.

He had a keen wit and wonderful sense of humor. Frank had a passion for knowledge, history and current events.  He shared stories recalling his experiences and lessons learned.   

He always shared his optimistic outlook and guidance, encouraging others to achieve their dreams and passions. He never judged, he gave everyone the benefit of the doubt and another chance to better themselves through his encouragement and support.

He was a happy and humble man. He loved his family and was fiercely and forever loyal and loving.

He was predeceased by his high school sweetheart and wife of 47 years, Arlene Goggin.

He is survived by his children Chris Floyd, Kelly Goggin, Karen Etheredge and Tim Goggin; grandchildren George Etheredge, Frances Etheredge and Samuel Floyd and brothers, Michael Goggin, and Daniel Goggin.

Frank was an inspiration to many. He will be forever missed. His family would like to thank his many friends, extended family and partners for his lifetime of happiness. 

No services are planned at this time.

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