Matthews-Green mugshot

Donnielle Matthews-Green was sentenced to 30 years for killing her husband in July of 2017. 

An Orangeburg woman was sentenced Tuesday to 30 years in prison for killing her husband in 2017 in Horry County.

Fifteenth Circuit Assistant Solicitor Seth Oskin said Donnielle Matthews-Green was convicted of voluntary manslaughter on Friday after a week-long trial. 

Matthews-Green returned to court Tuesday for sentencing and was not given credit for the time she spent while out on bond and wearing electronic monitoring.

On the night of the murder, she had been out in the Longs area of Horry County with her husband, Dennis Green, when he was killed. She was found guilty of stabbing and killing him while in their car. The incident happened July 7, 2017.

“We argued that it was malice, which makes it murder,” Oskin said. “We argued malice over a jealous rage over a text the deceased received moments before he was stabbed.”

A stand-your-ground hearing was held in July 2020, but Matthews-Green withdrew that defense after cross-examination. Her attorney unsuccessfully raised the argument that she was suffering from battered woman syndrome. 

“After deliberation, the jury found her guilty of voluntary manslaughter,” Oskin said. “That means the jury did not find that her relationship situation rose to the level of her being a battered spouse.”

According to Oskin, this has been the longest case of his career. He said they were ready to bring this to trial in December of 2019 but other factors delayed the process. Along with the COVID-19 pandemic, Matthews-Green changed attorneys at one point, which started the discovery process over again.

“Justice has been a long time coming for Dennis Green’s family,” Oskin said. “I was happy for them and I hope this helps them take the next step in the grieving process. No matter what they said about him, he’s certainly not forgotten.”



Joshua Hardee is from Marion, SC, and is a graduate of Francis Marion University. Other than reporting, he likes to draw, read, play piano and write poetry and fiction.

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