Jameisha Alexander

Jameisha Alexander

Sent for mental evaluation

A North Carolina woman, charged with murder in connection with the drowning of her infant son in a pond at Tanger Factory Outlet stores, will be sent to a state mental hospital for an evaluation, according to a court hearing held Thursday.

Defense attorney Barbara Pratt told Judge Steven H. John that Jameisha Ka’Tara Alexander, 28, of Carrboro, N.C., was found competent in her first mental evaluation, but she believes, based on her “bizarre” behavior, that she needs a second evaluation.

Alexander has been in jail since the incident that happened July 16, 2016.

But starting at about September of this past year, Alexander began behaving strangely, according to Pratt, who says the defendant refuses to speak with her, and she can’t defend her if she won’t talk with her.

She says Alexander sees her husband, but she doesn’t have one. She says he’s in the parking lot waiting to take her home. She hears voices, and thinks she’s been exonerated of the murder charge and authorities are holding her unnecessarily.

She has also quit taking medicine prescribed to her.

Pratt says Alexander has been in jail for a long time, extended some by the coronavirus that caused a pause in the court schedule.

Dr. Leonard Goldschmidt, who specializes in clinical psychology, forensic psychology and more, echoed Pratt’s report.

He said he had given Alexander a personality test and found that she is unaware that she has had delusional activity. He said she told him she hears voices from God telling her to do different things and reported hearing other voices, also.

She also reported attempts on her life and he, too, said she is unwilling to take her medication.

John then agreed to issue an order to have her transported to a state mental health facility for another evaluation.

Court documents issued in connection with the murder charge said a witness at the Factory Stores became significantly concerned when she “had a feeling” that something strange was going on with Alexander and the child. She contacted a security worker to check on Alexander and the infant. Authorities responded immediately finding the child facedown in the pond and its mother nowhere in the area. They were unsuccessful in their efforts to save the child, whose death was determined to be drowning.

The police report says police saturated the area, even bringing in a dog team, but couldn’t find the suspect.

Alexander was found almost two hours later after she wrecked her vehicle. The warrant points out that she had made no effort to contact authorities or anyone else for help.

The warrant says she told police she “knowingly drowned her baby.”


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