A local woman accused of selling sick puppies was arrested and charged with a public nuisance offense, records show.

Kimberly Shular of the Loris area is charged with creating a public nuisance and failure to appear, according to online jail records.

An arrest warrant said that on March 11, the 53-year-old allowed her “10-12 dogs to continuously bark” in the backyard at her Bakersfield Road home, “causing a disturbance" and awaking her neighbors who contacted authorities.

Horry County Police responded to the call and the dogs’ “excessive barking” could be heard, the warrant said.

“The defendant did not respond or open her door to the police,” the warrant said. “This is an ongoing problem and the defendant has been warned in the past to correct the problem.”

Shular’s arrest happened the same week an agreement was reached seeing her pay hundreds in connection with a civil suit filed against her.

Both parties agreed last Friday to Shular paying Tabitha Carr $747, said Magistrate Christopher J. Arakas.

Carr, from Murrells Inlet, said Shular sold her a sick young dog around Christmas. The puppy died a few days later.

The case was handled in Myrtle Beach Magistrate Court.

Carr had wanted to get her kids a puppy during the holiday season, seeing an ad on Craigslist. She said she drove to Shular’s Loris area home to see the puppies and at the time, the animals seemed fine.

After purchasing a pup for $300, she has said, the dog started to defecate “a lot.”

On Christmas Eve, the pup named Sarge was taken to a veterinarian and tested positive for parvovirus and had 61 parasites. Carr ended up paying over $700 in medical expenses, she said.

When Sarge was first diagnosed with the virus, Shular had apologized, Carr said, and even offered a refund for the animals.

Carr previously said she had then tried to get in touch with Shular to no avail.

Carr said last week that Shular maintains she hadn’t given Carr a health guarantee regarding the purchase. Shular declined to comment on the civil suit case.

Carr wasn’t the only one who filed a civil suit against Shular at the beginning of the year.

Amber Thompkins also sued Shular with the hope of getting money she shelled out back.

She and her husband bought their young twin daughters a beagle mix they named Bagel as a surprise gift.

Days after the girls were gifted the puppy on Christmas, Bagel died.

Before the holiday, Carey Haselden had found an online listing for “pocket beagles.”

The pair has said they drove out toward Loris to meet Shular with the puppies. She met them at the edge of her driveway with a plastic bin brimming with puppies, they said. After some negotiating, but never having seen the inside of Shular’s home or the puppies’ parents, the Myrtle Beach family eventually agreed to pay $700 for Bagel.

The dogs were “crawling all over each other” and urinating, the couple has said.

A hearing in that case had been scheduled for this past Monday but was continued, Arakas said.

Another civil case is pending after a Conway area family decided to file a suit against Shular, according to Horry County court records.

Zoe Fields has also accused Shular of selling sick puppies. Fortunately, in her case, she said, the dogs survived.

The Conway area resident said she had gone with her mother-in-law to buy two puppies from Shular on November 4 and ended up paying $500 for the pair of animals. She said the dogs were diagnosed with parvovirus two days later.

Fields hopes to be able to get back hundreds she said she spent on vet bills and court fees.

Her husband Scott Fields filed the civil suit in Conway Magistrate Court on January 30. He said a process server served Shular the paperwork last week in Myrtle Beach.

All the families who bought the puppies say they don’t want anyone else to experience something similar.

Shular was booked into J. Reuben Long Detention Center on Saturday, according to online jail records. Bond was set at $500 on the public nuisance charge. No bond had been set on the failure to appear charge at the time of this report.

A hearing on the public nuisance case is scheduled for April 9 in Loris Magistrate Court.


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