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Conway city residents need to cast one more vote today before the new slate of Conway city councilmen is complete.

Randy Alford and Justin Jordan are the two candidates in the runoff.

Former City Councilman Randy Alford hopes to return to city council after a short hiatus. He said his ideas from his previous time on the council are the same, but his ways to tackle them have matured. Alford says he’s been in the same business for 25 years and he’s written three books. Instead of retiring recently, he went back to work as the CEO of Carolina Coast Insurance.

He previously said he would like to address some concerns of Conwayites, like flooding and rapid growth in the area. He also wants to preserve the “classic” town, the oaks and buildings, but wants to fill the vacant buildings downtown and all around the city.

“I understand the historic classical values of the town, and what the voters want. Combine that appreciation for wanting to preserve history, as well as a lot of knowledge of finance and economic development,” Alford said. “I have no problem telling a developer they cannot build something. A lot of this comes down to rolling up your sleeves. There’s a lot of hard work involved in this and I’m willing to do the work.”

Justin Jordan believes that working in the medical equipment field for 24 years and being a business owner for eight years would be an asset to the city council.

Jordan is also involved with Conway Cares, a local nonprofit formed during Hurricane Florence to help flood victims, and he serves on the committee responsible for planning, building and designing the city’s new inclusive playground.

One of his top three priorities, if he were elected, would be to curb flooding by working with local, state and federal resources to get Crabtree Canal “properly addressed, cleaned up and maintained.”

“I’m just an ordinary guy who wants to make a difference. Not for myself, but for the future of my kids and someday grandchildren. I’ve always been told you can either be a part of the problem or be a part of the solution, and I chose to be a part of the solutions,” Jordan said. “One thing this election has taught me after meeting with many different people during the campaign, I realize we’re all different with different ideas and issues, but are joined together by One Conway!”

In the original election, incumbent Larry White led the ticket, followed by Alex Hyman. They were both declared winners, but neither Jordan with 781 votes nor Alford with 659 had a large enough majority to be seated on the council.

The tallying of results will take place in City Council Chambers at 229 Main St., Conway.

Absentee ballots were opened and examined at the Elections office at 9 a.m. this morning. The certification of election results will be held by the Municipal Election Commission on Thursday at 2 p.m. at Conway City Hall at 229 Main Street.

Voting hours will be between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. at the following precinct locations: Coastal Carolina – Christ the Servant Lutheran Church; East Conway – Conway Library; Four Mile – Bethany Bible Chapel; Homewood – Homewood Elementary; Jamestown – South Conway Elementary School; Maple – Maple Baptist Church; North Conway #1 – Mary Thompson Building at Collins Park; North Conway #2 – Conway Elementary School; Racepath #1 – Conway Senior Center; Racepath #2 – Whittemore Park Middle School; Red Hill #1 – Christ the Servant Lutheran Church; West Conway – Horry County Government and Justice Center; and Wild Wing – Christ the Servant Lutheran Church.


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