501 bypass bridge

The U.S. 501 Bypass bridge spans the Waccamaw River. 

Volunteers can still register to help clean four local areas during Friday’s Horry County Service Day.

Governor Henry McMaster’s state Floodwater Commission, in cooperation with the county and the cities of Conway and Loris, is sponsoring the cleanup, with work scheduled for 9 a.m.–2 p.m.

The cleanup activities will be coordinated from four sites and includes cleanup by boat in the Waccamaw River and other waterways where debris has affected the free flow of water.

Volunteers with boats are encouraged to bring them. Boats must follow all safety rules and be equipped with approved life jackets for those on board.

Participants must choose to perform work at either Conway, Bucksport, Socastee or the Loris/Longs area, which is the only section that won’t include a waterway cleanup.

The Service Day will focus on work including clearing drainage ditches, culverts, canals and streams. Additionally, volunteers will be clearing trees, limbs, trash, and debris, as well as removing accumulated sediment.

The meeting locations for the four regional work sites are the Conway City Marina, James R. Frazier Community Center in Bucksport, the Socastee Park & Yacht Basin Landing and the Loris Recreation Department.

When registering, one must also choose between land or waterway cleanup and the level of activity.

Those levels of activity include:

  • Light duty (land): Litter and debris cleanup of ditches, potentially ahead of backhoe or other heavy equipment use. Litter and debris cleanup of marsh areas and around boat landings. Walking long distances might be required.
  • Medium duty (land): Using rakes, shovels and other tools behind the equipment to survey for additional litter and remove any limb debris, etc.; Light and medium activity levels includes any vehicle that may be collecting garbage/debris that needs to be removed.
  • Heavy duty (land): Clipping and carrying large limbs and brush. Includes extensive physical labor. Operation of heavy equipment and chainsaws is reserved for staff members and the State Guard.
  • Medium duty (waterways): Volunteers with boats will scour the river edge for litter and debris and look the for any debris in rivers that might need to be removed by others. Volunteers will perform work such as raking and pruning shears, in addition to transporting debris from waterway work sites to boat landings and helping unload debris from boats.
  • Heavy duty (waterways): Equipment and boats possibly with chainsaws for cutting fallen trees and debris blocking waterways. At the minimum, pairs will travel on boats. Boats will have chainsaws for cutting and hauling limbs and debris. Requires extensive physical labor. Chainsaw use is reserved for staff members and the State Guard.
  • Participants must complete a registration form and bring a signed waiver with them Friday. Forms are available at horrycounty.org/serviceday.

Those under 16 years old must have a legal custodian or parent present.


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