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A man and woman from Surfside Beach have been charged after two RVs were stolen from a local storage facility, officials said.

The vehicles were reported stolen out of Socastee and were recovered by authorities over the weekend, Horry County Police Department spokeswoman Mikayla Moskov said in a news release.

The two police charged in connection with the case — 28-year-old Jordan Swinson and Sara-Megan Tuttle, 30 — admitted the RVs had been stolen from the Heritage Storage facility near S.C. 544, the release said. The facility is located on Dick Pond Road.

Each suspect faces charges of grand larceny $10,000 or more and receiving stolen goods $2,000 or less, online jail records show.

One of the vehicles had been adorned with a stolen license plate and was painted to remove identifying markings. Officials said both RVs were found to contain additional items police suspect were stolen from storage units in the area, and officers are working to identify any possible owner (or owners) of the items.

Police located one of the vehicles Saturday in an area off of S.C. 31 and Water Tower Road, an incident report said. A traffic stop was initiated on the other RV, which police said was driven in an attempt to evade authorities, and police were able to take the two suspects into custody.

Horry County police advise those who use storage units to be cautious and report anything suspicious.

"Storage units and storage facilities can be an easy target for thefts simply because many property owners do not check in on the unit or their belongings often enough, or do not know the extent of what the unit contains," the agency's release said. "When utilizing a storage unit, maintain a log of what the unit contains and visit it as frequently as possible. Should anything go missing, serial numbers and ownership paperwork are key to reporting and ultimately recovering stolen goods."

Officials stress that checking "in" and "often" are key to making sure items stay safe, and encourage informing local police if anything is stolen or tampered with. One can call the HCPD's non-emergency line at 843-248-1520 to speak with an officer.

RV theft suspects

Jordan Swinson, left, and Sara-Megan Tuttle


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