Trump protest

Protesters denounced the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump at a rally held at The Market Common in Myrtle Beach Thursday. 

Local supporters of President Donald Trump rallied in Myrtle Beach Thursday to voice their objection to the recently-launched impeachment inquiry.

Organized by the Horry County Republican Women's Club, Red Hats for Trump and I’m a Trump Girl, the event in The Market Common was one of a series of protests held across the country, including in front of the U.S. Capitol.

“We support President Trump,” said Linda Knight, president of the Horry County Republican Women’s Club. “We do not tolerate the Democrats coming down on him constantly. We’re there to support him and back him up and that’s why we’re here.”

With many sporting red hats and apparel bearing Trump's name, protesters strolled through Grand Park. Some held signs and flags. One dressed as Wonder Woman. Another played bagpipes. Several repeated signature Trump phrases such as “Drain the Swamp!” 

“The Democrats are going to continue to do whatever they can to continue to hurt our president,” Robin Holley with the I’m a Trump Girl group said. “If they’d just leave him alone, then he would be able to do what he was hired to do. Because of all the different hurdles he has to jump, it delays everything.”

Windy Lockhart of Myrtle Beach said she wanted to show her support for the president. She hopes to see immigration reform, more deregulation and additional tax cuts. 

Objectors gathered in the parking lot of 810 Billiards & Bowling at the conclusion of the march, with attendees reciting the pledge of allegiance and chanting “USA! USA!”

At issue is the impeachment inquiry launched last month by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Democrats have criticized Trump for pressuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden during a July phone call.

A few protest participants denounced the lack of a vote on the House floor to launch the inquiry. Some said Trump’s actions weren’t meant to target the former vice president as a challenger, saying Biden may not end up being the Democratic nominee in next year’s election. There were also attendees who said Trump’s actions during the call in question were justified.

“He has the power and the right and the duty to do that,” Alan Orgeron said. “That’s what he should he do.”

Said Holley: “A lot of the things that the Democrats do don’t bother the president because he has a reason why he does everything he does. We support his policies 100%.”


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