Loris Bog-Off 2021 ILB 06

Looking for chicken bog? No worries! Just follow the sign. Photo by Ian Livingston Brooking.

Professional chefs, restaurant owners and former Bog-Off winners can soon take their chances at winning Top Bog, a new contest coming to the Loris Bog-Off on Oct. 15.

Bog-Off goers are in for a show as the new contest comes to the 43rd annual festival. And chefs participating have a chance to win $1,000, a trophy and bragging rights.

Here's how it will work:

Chefs will be provided with a 6-quart pot and all of the ingredients they’ll need to cook up a pot of bog.

But there may only be a certain amount of chicken breasts or thighs, so chefs may have to improvise if they don't get to the ingredients table quickly.

“It’s gonna be like Top Chef or Chopped,” said Samantha Norris with the Loris Chamber of Commerce, which organizes the annual event. “The rules are you have to use what’s on this table and you have two hours to cook it and plate it for the judges.”

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Chefs must bring their own hot plate or burner and what they wish to plate their chicken bog on.

“I want it to be their version,” Norris said, adding chefs can plate it on whatever they want from a dish to a paper plate.

This contest will be in addition to the regular Bog-Off cooking contest that anyone from the public can enter.

The entry fee is $125 and participants must meet the criteria of being a professional in food service or have won a Loris Bog-Off contest in the past.

For more information, call the chamber at 843-756-6030.

Reach Hannah Strong Oskin at 843-488-7242 or follow her on Twitter @HannahSOskin.


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