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Horry County Schools will demolish the storage building beside Conway High School.

The gray two-story structure will be razed for between $80,000 - $100,000, since there is some asbestos abatement involved, facilities director Mark Wolfe said. The funds will come from the building modification fund.

The board approved placing the future Horry County Education Center (HCEC) on the western portion of Horry County Schools’ undeveloped property, which adjoins the west side of the main district office land on Four Mile Road in Conway.

Chief financial officer John Gardner reminded the board that using the “pay as you go” approach for the new $13 million HCEC means that between now and March 2021, just $3.2 million is available for building. Between then and March 2024, there will be an additional $37 million. 

Gardner said the district does have $25 million in undesignated funds, and school officials will continue to discuss the possibility of borrowing from those undesignated funds and paying the loan back as the installment funds arrive.

The facilities committee discussed using the former Myrtle Beach Intermediate School facility for housing records, science kit storage, and adult education, and they want to hire a firm to prepare an estimate for what it would take to bring that facility up to code.

Chief officer of support services Daryl Brown said that Jim Wright, the district's executive director of transportation, has been in talks with the state. If the records facility will agree to vacate, there is a possibility that the state could give the district at least 17 more propane-fueled school buses if the district would build another propane fueling site in that area.

No more tennis center

Coordinator of planning Joe Burch said that the City of Conway has had some things come up at the Riverfront Tennis Center with their insurance and FEMA.

“Everything isn’t finalized, but they are heading in different direction than having a tennis program at Collins Park. We are back where we were to begin with…no city tennis courts,” Burch said.

Along those same lines, the facilities committee discussed an approval to do a request for qualifications (RFQ) for a sports design firm designated to provide land surveying for tennis courts at all of our nine high schools and all of our athletic track facilities, with the exception of Myrtle Beach High School, Wolfe said.

In other board news

Josh Todd was named the new principal for Daisy Elementary for the 2019-2020 school year. He currently serves as the assistant principal for Kingston Elementary.


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