Loris Bog Off ILB 3

Having difficulty finding where the chicken bog is? No worries, these signs could point you in the right direction. That or the aroma of chicken bog! Photo by Ian Livingston Brooking

It will be a return to pre-COVID procedures for the 42nd Loris Bog-Off Festival.

“Last year was a little different,” Loris Police Chief Gary Buley said. “We closed it to where we had to have tickets and it was a smaller event. This year, we are going back to normal.”

With a smaller event last year, there were less roads needed to be blocked off for the festival. With this year’s festival returning to normal, the following roads will be closed for the duration of the festival on Saturday, Oct. 16:

Main Street will be closed from Broad Street to Stevens Street

Railroad Avenue will be closed from Walnut Street to Casey Street

Meeting Street will be closed from Walnut Street to Casey Street

Duncan Street will be closed from Broad to Bell Street

Casey Street will be closed from Railroad Avenue to Bell Street

Bell Street will be closed from Casey Street to Walnut Street

“It’s like a big square in the middle part of town,” Buley said. “The main part of the festival is on Main Street, Meeting and Railroad. That’s where a lot of our foot traffic is.”

Loris Lions Drive will be closed down for a portion of the morning for the Loris Bog-Off 5K that is being held at the Loris Parks and Recreation Department. The race is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m.

Buley said that officials will begin blocking off roads at 5 a.m. on the morning of the Bog-Off, adding that information about the road closures will be passed along to Horry County 911 and Columbus County 911.

“We advise them and give them routes for their ambulances,” Buley said.

The Loris Police Department will be receiving assistance from the Horry County Sheriff’s Office and Horry County Police Department for the annual event, according to Buley.

“We’ll be there from daybreak to when they shut it down,” Buley said.

Buley expects a great crowd for the festival, especially after not being able to experience other festivals this past year.

“With everyone being cooped up, I went to some of the other festivals around the area and you couldn’t move,” Buley said, adding that he monitored the Aynor Hoedown as that is typically a good indicator of the crowd expected at the Bog-Off.

In August, South Carolina’s new open carry law went into effect, allowing those with a concealed weapons permit to carry their handguns openly. However, Buley said that the department hasn’t seen any issues with the law since it went into effect.

“It hasn’t really been a concern in the Loris area,” Buley said. “We plan on rolling with it and see how it goes.”

The 42nd Annual Loris Bog-Off Festival is set to begin at 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 16.

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