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Polls are open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. Here's a rundown of the candidates in local municipal races.

Atlantic Beach Town Council

The mayor and three council seats are up for election in Atlantic Beach. Two council candidates are running for regular four-year terms while two others are running to serve an unexpired term.

Mayoral candidates

• Jake Evans

• Brian Taylor

Town council candidates for regular term 

• Brenda Deese

• Josephine Isom

Town council candidates for unexpired term (ending in 2021)

• William Booker 

• Darnell Price

Aynor Town Council

There are two seats up for election on the Aynor Town Council. Council members are elected at-large and serve four-year terms. The candidates are:

• Paul McCracken

• Steve Riggins

• Samuel Saltal

• Chris Shelley

Mayor John Gardner is running unopposed.

Briarcliffe Acres Town Council

There are three candidates running for town council seats.

Town council candidates:

• Peggy Bell

• Laura Pendley

• John Wylie

Huston Huffman is running unopposed in the mayor's race.

Conway City Council

Seven people are running for three seats on the Conway City Council. They are:

• Randy Alford

• Tom Anderson

• Barbara Eisenhardt

• Liz Gilland

• Justin Jordan

• Alex Hyman

• Larry White

The city’s election is non-partisan and at-large, meaning council members represent the whole city and not individual districts. Each council member will be elected to a four-year term.

Mayor Barbara Blain-Bellamy is also up for reelection, but she is unopposed.

Loris Town Council

Loris voters will choose a mayor and fill three city council seats.

Mayoral candidates

• Todd Harrelson

• Michael Suggs

Town council candidates

• Joan Gause

• Lewis Hardee

• Veda Nichols

• Jan Vescovi.  

 Myrtle Beach City Council

There are seven candidates vying for three seats on the Myrtle Beach City Council. They are:

• Ed Carey

• Mike Chestnut

• Charles Gasque

• Wayne Gray

• Mary Jeffcoat

• John Krajc 

• Phil Render

The city’s election is non-partisan and at-large, meaning council members represent the whole city and not individual districts. Each council member will be elected to a four-year term.

North Myrtle Beach City Council

North Myrtle Beach City Council has both at-large and district seats, meaning some candidates are chosen to represent specific communities while others represent the entire city.

However, all residents can vote for candidates in each neighborhood, even if they don’t live there. For example, someone in Windy Hill can still vote for the Crescent Beach and Cherry Grove seats.

City council members serve four-year terms.

At-large candidates

• Greg Richardson

• Hank Thomas

Crescent Beach candidates

• J.O. Baldwin III

• Ed Ramey

Fred Coyne, who holds the Cherry Grove seat, is also up for reelection but he is running unopposed.

Surfside Beach Town Council

Three candidates are running for the Surfside mayor's post and eight are pursuing seats on the Surfside Beach Town Council. There are three council seats open.

Mayoral candidates

• Bob Hellyer

• David Pellegrino

• Julie Samples

Town council candidates

• Jenn Cribb

• Michael Drake

• Paul Holder

• Cindy Keating

• Laverne Kreklau

• Kathryn Martin

• Laurence McKeen

• Cody Sluder

Town council members are elected at-large, meaning they represent the entire town and not individual districts. They serve four-year terms.

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