Splash and the baby

Pelicans mascot Splash visited Allie Rollins at Conway Medical Center Sunday afternoon. She began her journey into the world at a Pelicans game Saturday night.

Somchai and Cassie Rollins decided they would take in one last trip to the beach and a Pelicans game before the arrival of their new baby in a week or so.

But Allie Rollins had other ideas Sunday morning.

The Rollins are both members of the United States Air Force stationed at Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter.

Cassie was due with their second child soon but her doctor said everything should be okay for a weekend trip to the beach. Their two-year old son was staying with family members and this would be one last chance to get away before the rigors of having a new baby in the house set in.

“My doctor reassured me this weekend would be fine,” Cassie said. “Our new daughter had other ideas.”

Everything was going great Saturday evening. The couple was enjoying the game with plans on relaxing back at their hotel.


“I went to get some Gatorade and food at the bottom of the fourth inning,” Somchai said. “I got back to the seat and Cassie said she thought her water had just broke.”

At that point, the Pelicans stadium staff went into action, helping the couple to their car and giving them information on local hospitals.

Somchai said he considered trying to get back to Sumter but quickly thought against it.

“I didn’t want to have to deliver a baby on the side of the road,” the tired and happy dad said Sunday afternoon. “They told us Conway Medical Center would be fine so we hurried over here.”

And at 5:30 a.m. Sunday, Alexandria Catherine Rollins made her debut weighing 8 pounds, 15 ounces.

And because she was the first baby to start her journey into the world at a Pelicans game, the team quickly adopted her as part of the Pelican family.

Sunday afternoon, Splash, the team mascot, visited Allie and her parents in their hospital room to deliver a huge gift basket full of Pelican goodies including sleepwear, blankets and other items with her new baseball family’s logo on them.

Cassie said she was amazed at how everyone from the Pelicans organization was so helpful and supportive.

Somchai agreed with her, “They texted me all night wondering how Cassie was doing. And now with Splash here today, we are very grateful.”

Assistant general manager of operations Mike Snow said having a fan go into labor during a game was a first for the team.

He told the Rollins they are now official members of the Pelicans family and they will be special guests at any Pelicans game they attend in the future.

Saturday night the Pelicans were playing the Wilmington Blue Rocks, a farm team of the Kansas City Royals. The Pelicans are part of the Cubs organization.

Somchai said he’s always been a Royals fan, one of the reasons he and Cassie went to TicketReturn.com field.

“But now, I guess I’m going to be a Cubs fan too,” he said. “These are incredible folks.”


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