Mean Mugs Milkshake Bar

Customers can choose from over 12 unique milkshake combinations, with alcoholic "mugshots" available for customer 21 and older. Photo by Chase Duncan/

A new milkshake bar offering 12 unique milkshake combinations has hit the Myrtle Beach dessert scene, offering customers 21 and older the choice of adding “Mugshots” of alcohol to their drink.

“Through its offering of unique flavor combinations, Mean Mugs allows customers to enjoy all aspects of their personality and taste preferences while honoring their inner child,” Mean Mugs CEO Michael Siniscalchi said.

Mean Mugs Milkshake Bar opened this month inside 810 Billiards and Bowling at Market Common. The milkshake bar will offer an array of drink flavors for children and adults.

“Mean Mugs Milkshake flavor combinations include: The Cookie Monster, featuring Lil' Blue Panda ice cream and full sized cookies on top like Grandma's Chocolate Chip Cookie; The Happy Camper, featuring chocolate marshmallow ice cream and a fully recreated s'more on top; to The Early Bird, with praline pecan ice cream, candied bacon and a fully loaded pancake stack on top,” Siniscalchi said. “There are endless creative and absolutely delicious milkshake combinations.”

Unique alcoholic additions to drinks for customers 21 and older include Rum Chata, Bacardi raspberry, vanilla vodka, creme de banana, butterscotch schnapps, dark chocolate liqueur and strawberry vodka, Siniscalchi said.

As part of its grand opening, $.50 from every milkshake sold at the store from now until June 30 will be donated to the the Grand Strand Humane Society to help rescue animals.

A love for animals, particularly dogs, lies within the DNA of the Mean Mugs concept, according its creator. Siniscalchi said he actually got the inspiration for the bar’s namesake from his pet pug Belle.

“Despite her occasionally 'menacing' looks, [Belle] is a true sweetheart,” said Siniscalchi. “The mascot of Mean Mugs, Mugsy, is a fun-loving misunderstood pug with a mean-looking mug that embodies the brand’s celebration of individual expression."

The Mean Mugs CEO said he is excited to see what sort of feedback the milkshake-bowling hybrid venue will bring in.

“We are excited to continue our innovation in the entertainment space with the launch of Mean Mugs Milkshake Bar,” Siniscalchi said. “This is just one example of how we are looking to remain innovative in the industry and create a next-level family fun environment. We can’t wait to see the positive response from our customers, and we look forward to bringing Mean Mugs to more of our locations in the future.”

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