The Myrtle Beach City Council votes were certified Thursday morning by adding a few more votes to the totals, but the results didn’t change.

Incumbents Mike Chestnut and Phil Render won outright with Chestnut getting 2,595 votes and Render getting 2,429 votes.

There will still be a runoff on Nov. 19 with incumbent Mary Jeffcoat and realtor John Krajc. Jeffcoat’s certified vote total is 2,148 and Krajc’s certified total is 2,014.

The election on Tuesday was for three seats. Myrtle Beach’s election is non-partisan and at-large, meaning council members represent the whole city and not individual districts. Each council member is elected to a four-year term.

City Clerk Jennifer Stanford said she received five provisional ballots and checked with the Horry County Election office to verify the five were legitimate city election votes, but the five people voted in the wrong precincts.

The envelopes were opened and one of the five was empty. Stanford said it was found in the bottom of a blue scan bin so since there was no ballot included the Myrtle Beach Election Commission accepted the remaining four ballots.

Of the four ballots, there was one vote for Ed Carey, two for Wayne Gray, two for Chestnut, two for Render, one for Jeffcoat and four for Krajc.

With the additional four ballots, the candidates needed 2,170 votes to win outright based on calculating the total number of votes (13,014) divided by the number of open seats open and then dividing that number (4,338) by two and adding one.

The certified total votes for six of the seven candidates changed, but the results remained the same.

Carey’s total votes are 1,492 with Gray’s total up to 1,758 and Charles Gasque’s total remaining at 525.

The city has 23,029 registered voters, according to the Horry County Voter Registration Office.

Janet Morgan is the editor of the Myrtle Beach Herald. Contact her at 843-488-7258 or at


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