Some South Carolinians made their voice heard Saturday.

Grand Strand Action Together, a Myrtle Beach-based political advocacy group, held a tax march on Saturday afternoon in Valor Park at The Market Common.

The event was part of a series of nationwide protests urging President Donald Trump to release his tax information. The marches took place on April 15, the normal deadline for Americans to submit their federal tax returns.

"We just want to make sure that President Trump and [others] realize that not showing us your taxes is not normal, and that we need to know if there's any conflict of interest," said Ashlyn Preaux, co-founder of Grand Strand Action Together.

"It's not [intended as] an anti-Trump protest, but a [march] demanding transparency in our government."

Dozens of citizens from Horry County as well as natives of surrounding counties showed up to the rally.

"This is our first president since [Richard] Nixon that hasn't released his taxes," said Murrells Inlet native Terry Baker. "[It] indicates there's probably something he's hiding." 

Picket signs held by protesters were adorned with quotes from "Where are you Putin your money?" to "Enough of your tweets, show us your taxes!"

Guest speakers at the march included Coastal Carolina professor and social activist Victoria Lozano, who spoke on the need for transparency from government officials.

"How can we accept or trust this new administration when it has [repeatedly] proven that they do not see individual people equal to business?" she said. "Where is the transparency behind why they make these decisions? We should have higher standards, [and] demand our government be trustworthy and transparent."

More information on Grand Strand Action Together can be found on the group's website.


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