Students from the Myrtle Beach area who have overcome adversity were recognized at an awards ceremony last week in Myrtle Beach.

The 19th annual HTC REEL Kids Awards were held last Thursday at Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort and Spa at Grande Dunes.

Each student was nominated by a counselor or teacher.

The award winners have battled hardships including disease, abuse, neglect and the loss of family members.

The students, along with school staff members, are interviewed for a segment that airs on RiverTalk, a local talk show.

During the interviews, the students are able to share their stories.

This year’s award winners from the Myrtle Beach area are:

  • Senior Bryson Sarvis from Academy for Arts, Science and Technology
  • Third grader Indigo Burgess of Burgess Elementary School
  • Fifth grader Jayson Turpin of Lakewood Elementary School
  • Second grader Ethan Janosky of Myrtle Beach Elementary School
  • Senior Ariana McCann of Myrtle Beach High School
  • Fourth grader Georgia Ann Monckton of Myrtle Beach Intermediate School
  • Sixth grader Austin Anthony of Myrtle Beach Middle School
  • First grader Paiytn Hucks of Myrtle Beach Primary School
  • Senior Aanisah Savage of North Myrtle Beach High School
  • Eighth grader Ver’Quavouis Hatchell of North Myrtle Beach Middle School
  • Seventh grader Jessica Ferdetta of Ocean Bay Middle School
  • Fourth grader Julian Garver of Ocean Drive Elementary
  • Fourth grader Caleb Stallings of Ocean Bay Elementary School
  • Seventh grader Jessica Ferdetta of Ocean Bay Middle School
  • Fourth grader Julian Garver of Ocean Drive Elementary School
  • Third grader Claire Devlin of River Oaks Elementary School
  • Fourth grader James Pierce of Riverside Elementary School
  • Second grader Logan Plumley of Socastee Elementary
  • Freshman Jolene Cawood of Socastee High School
  • Sixth grader Phillip Bennett of Socastee Middle School
  • Second grader Bailey Anderson of St. James Elementary
  • Junior Alexia Freeman of St. James High School
  • Sixth grader Madison McKenzie of St. James Intermediate School
  • Eighth grader Phoebe Morin of St. James Middle School
  • Fourth grader Tyshawn Vereen of Waterway Elementary

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