Gov. Henry McMaster joined a crowd of Donald Trump supporters Thursday night at the grand opening of the Horry County Republican Party's new office in Conway.

“It worked out perfectly,” said Dreama Perdue, a member of the local GOP, talking about the timing of the grand opening in concert with the upcoming election.

Drivers coming into Conway after work were greeted along U.S. 501 by numerous Trump supporters dressed in costumes, waving flags and showing their support for the president during the grand opening.

Most supporters yelled accolades for Trump, while some said, “Go home, Joe!” referencing former Vice President Joe Biden, who was rallying across the street on the Coastal Carolina University campus.

“I’m excited to see the governor,” said Gerri McDaniel, a member of "I’m A Trump Girl 2020," an organization with more than 30,000 female Trump fans across the nation. “This is Trump country. Nobody can beat him. I’m happy we get to do this four more years.”

McDaniel and her best friend Robin Holley said they were leaving tonight’s ribbon cutting and governor visit in their RV to rally for Trump in North Charleston.

“We’re women who really believe in the president," Holley said. "We don’t think he is racist … He loves everybody."

Other local women joined the supporters, including retired teacher Marcia Hargrave, who was proud to be a Trump fan.

“I’m a white, college-educated female – I’m an adorable deplorable,” Hargrave said with a smile.

Tammy Milligan wore her full Wonder Woman costume to stand next to U.S. 501 and wave to the traffic driving by.

“They said wear red, white, and blue, and this is my best red, white, and blue,” Milligan said. “I was born and bred in America. I am not for a culture of death. I stand behind Trump and support our God-given rights.”

Robert Rabon with the Horry County Republican Party said he hates division, and liked to see people pull together for a common goal.

State Sen. Luke Rankin, R-Myrtle Beach, thanked the governor for “helping to make the right decision” about Trump.

McMaster excitedly addressed the crowd about the upcoming election.

“Donald Trump is fantastic. There’s not another one like him,” McMaster said, touting how well he says things are going for South Carolina in terms of businesses coming into the state.

McMaster said business leaders have told him they love South Carolina, especially because of its people.

“The main thing is that they are smart, determined, loyal, and when they give you their word, it means something," he said. "You know who else keeps his word when he gives it? Donald Trump!"

He mentioned the Democrats currently in office, saying that it’s time to “educate people, and nip this in the bud”.

“We’ve got to stand tall, work together and elect the right people,” McMaster said. “Thank you for electing Donald Trump, the world would be a very different place if Hillary Clinton got in.”

The crowd responded with chants of “Four more years!”

Perdue said that the party’s new location, 2431 U.S. 501 East (next door to Miller Motte Technical College) will be open through the November election.


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