Myrtle Beach police involved shooting 2

SLED is investigating a Saturday night shooting that involved a Myrtle Beach police officer. Photo by Ian Brooking 

The Myrtle Beach Police Department on Saturday announced the names of four officers with the department who have been assigned administrative duties following a police-involved shooting Oct. 3 while the state Law Enforcement Division (SLED) investigates.

Officers Michael Hearon, Drew Fox, Marion Winner and Shawn Tarr have been on administrative assignment since the shooting occurred, which is standard protocol for police-involved shootings.

Hearon, who has served as an officer for seven years, Fox (three years) and Tarr (nine months) are patrol officers. Winner, who has been on the force for five years, is part of the agency's traffic division.

Police were responding to a domestic dispute in the 400 block of 14th Avenue South when they were confronted by 20-year-old John Aycoth, who exchanged gunfire with officers.

Myrtle Beach police officer Jacob Hancher, 23, was killed, and Aycoth also died during the shooting.

Before the shooting, Hancher had been a patrol officer for just under a year. Before that, he spent four years as a community service officer, which is a city employee who assists with police functions such as directing traffic and managing school crossings but is not a sworn officer.

Officer Andrew Wangstad, 28, who has been with the MBPD for just under a year, was hurt in the shooting. Police said he was treated for non-life threatening injuries. 

SLED’s investigation is ongoing.



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