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A Myrtle Beach man is charged in connection with illegally renting a garage apartment to three international students, the Myrtle Beach Police Department announced Wednesday.

Romeo Qendro, 54, was issued citations from the Myrtle Beach Code Enforcement and the Myrtle Beach Fire Marshal for operating a business without a permit.

"J1 students come to Myrtle Beach to experience the best our community can offer and unfortunately, some don't have the experience they expect when they get here," said Chief Amy Prock. "I want our visiting students and residents to know that we will not tolerate the exploitation of our guests."

After receiving a tip about a man renting an apartment in his garage on the 800 block of 66th Avenue North on Wednesday, Myrtle Beach police discovered Qendro was renting the garage to three J1 international students. 

“Qendro did not have the proper permits or licenses, and the improvised residence had limited air conditioning and was not acceptable by established standards,” read a release from MBPD. “The three students have been relocated to new housing.”

MBPD is asking anyone with information about students in similar arrangements to contact the department at 843-918-1382.

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