Surfside Beach street lights

The decorative street lights in the Harbor Lights subdivision will now be paid for by the town of Surfside Beach.

The Surfside Beach Town Council on Tuesday agreed to take over the cost of the decorative street lighting in the Harbor Lights subdivision.

In 2013, the Harbor Lights HOA wanted something more for their neighborhood than the town’s standard street lights and agreed to pay $3,400 a year for special decorative street lights. The decorative lights are monthly rentals from Santee Cooper.

Since that initial agreement, Harbor Lights has given the neighborhood streets back to the town.

Because their streets now belong to the town and the town has decorative lights in other areas, the HOA requested that the town take over the annual $3,400 payment.

The town has put up decorative lights on other streets such as Ocean Boulevard, Upper Surfside Drive, 3rd Avenue South Promenade and 14th South at no cost to nearby residents. Town administrator William Shanahan said these areas have underground wiring and the standard street light poles would not work there.

Councilman Chris Stamey voted against the measure. He said now if anybody in town doesn’t like their street lights, all they need to do is complain to town hall and they can get the decorative ones.

“That’s not the case at all,” countered councilwoman Cindy Keating.

Keating said the proposal only provides the option of new lighting for areas where underground wiring is being installed and complaining to the town about lighting is not the avenue to take.

Pier update

In other action, town finance director Diana King told the council that nearly $7.7 million has been spent so far on rebuilding the town’s pier. She said the final projected cost of the new pier will be $17.7 million.

King said the town is set to get $9.9 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and has to utilize other local funding options to pay the remaining costs.

The pier was destroyed in 2016 by Hurricane Matthew.

Earlier this month, Shanahan said the pier’s completion date is slated for the fall of this year. He added the town will be able to use the pier this summer to resume its annual July 4 fireworks display.

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