Surfside Beach street

A stretch of 3rd Avenue South between U.S. 17 Business and Poplar Drive will receive improvements.

A stretch of 3rd Avenue South in Surfside Beach is set to receive improvements.

Town Administrator Dennis Pieper said the town received two parks, recreation and tourism grants — one for $100,000 and another for $160,000 — and also is allocating $225,000 garnered from the County Transportation Commission, or CTC, for the project.

The money will go toward improving 3rd Avenue South between Poplar Drive and U.S. 17 Business.

Officials said the project’s enhancements include work on sidewalks for the segment, underground wiring and drainage improvements. The work will also include adding parking.

The project is out for bidding with the bid opening on Jan. 22, said John Adair, director of the town’s public works department.

Town leaders will eventually select a contractor for the construction work, which Adair estimates will take about 90 days or so to complete.

The project is expected to likely cost over $600,000, Adair said.

Lee Zulanch, owner of Benjamin’s Bakery & Café located at 810 3rd Ave. South, said he feels the upgrades will improve the segment’s aesthetic and increase foot traffic.

He worried, though, about how the upgrades would affect parking.

The northern end of the street adjacent to the shops including the bakery will offer parallel parking The southern side will have 45 degree parking for golf carts.


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