Castano's Italian Steakhouse

Castano’s Italian Steakhouse, located at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach.

The North Myrtle Beach city council on Monday gave final approval to a “festival zone” ordinance that could allow folks at Barefoot Landing to walk around the grounds with a beer in their hand.

The ordinance was developed after Burroughs and Chapin went to the city with a request to allow people in their Dockside Village restaurant district to walk around outside with beer and wine, according to city spokesman Pat Dowling.

"Barefoot Landing is a wonderful venue. They had over 7 million guests there last year," said Mayor Marilyn Hatley. "And more and more restaurants are opening up on the waterway and there's plans for even more to be built."

The ordinance allows landowners with at least 10 acres of shopping or entertainment-focused property to apply for the designation allowing the public consumption of beer and wine within the festival zone limits. 

The public consumption is limited to beer and wine and clear plastic containers only. 

"One of the things tourists enjoy is having some kind of alcoholic beverage, whether it's a beer or a glass of wine, and we felt like that would be a fun place for this festival overlay zone to go," Hatley said. "We want people, when they come to North Myrtle Beach, we want them to enjoy themselves. We felt like this was the right thing to do."

Applicants would have to submit a map showing where the zone would be located, along with a plan showing how the applicant will contain the alcohol consumption within the parameters of the zone. City council would have final authority to decide if an applicant can get the festival zone designation.

Both Barefoot Landing and the Coastal North Town Center would be able to apply for the festival zone designation, and city council would have to approve the application before public drinking is allowed. 


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