North Myrtle and Atlantic Beach

Pictured from bottom to top, are North Myrtle Beach's Windy Hill neighborhood, the town of Atlantic Beach, and North Myrtle's Crescent Beach neighborhood. North Myrtle Beach and Atlantic Beach are holding their municipal elections on November 5, 2019. Photo by Christian Boschult

On November 5th, 2019, North Myrtle Beach and Atlantic Beach will hold their municipal elections. 

Here’s whose running and how to vote: 

North Myrtle Beach

Three North Myrtle spots are up for election, with terms from 2019-2023.

The candidates are J.O. Baldwin and Ed Ramey for the Crescent Beach seat, Hank Thomas and Greg Richardson for the at-large seat and the unopposed Fred Coyne for the Cherry Grove seat.

All citizens can vote for candidates in each neighborhood, even if they don’t live there. For example, someone in Windy Hill can still vote for the Crescent Beach and Cherry Grove seats.

Polling places for the non-partisan election are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Polling places are as follows: 

Windy Hill 1 Precinct - Windy Hill Fire Station No. 3 (33rd Avenue South)

Windy Hill 2 Precinct - Fire Station No. 5 (Barefoot Resort)

Crescent Beach Precinct - J. Bryan Floyd Community Center (Possum Trot Road)

Ocean Drive 1 Precinct - Fire Station No. 1 (2nd Avenue South)

Ocean Drive 2 Precinct - St. Stephens Episcopal Church- (11th Avenue North)

Cherry Grove 1 Precinct - Chapel By The Sea Church (Sea Mountain Highway)

Cherry Grove 2 Precinct - Fire Station No. 4 (Little River Neck Road)

Atlantic Beach

The mayor and three council seats are up for the non-partisan election in Atlantic Beach.

The mayoral candidates are incumbent Jake Evans and challenger Brian Taylor, although voters can also choose a write-in candidate.

Write-in candidates do not appear on the ballots, but citizens still have the option to write in another person's name and vote for that person instead.

Incumbent Josephine Isom and Brenda Deese are is running for the seats currently held by Isom and Jacqueline Gore, ending in 2023, save for write-in candidates, said Horry County Voter Registration and Elections Director Sandy Martin. 

For the unexpired council seat with the term ending in 2021, William Booker is taking on Darnell Price. The seat was vacated when Kenneth McLaurin resigned earlier this year. Booker previously served as town manager and Darnell Price is the husband of Wendy Price, who once served as a town councilor. 

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Voting take place at the Atlantic Beach Community Center, 1010 32nd Avenue South, Atlantic Beach, South Carolina 29582.


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Reference the Atlantic Beach elections, it is not true that "[i]ncumbent Josephine Isom is running unopposed for her seat ...." The only distinguishing characteristics between the four Council seats is that two are elected during one election cycle, and the other two are elected during the following two-year cycle. Those positions are not numbered nor labeled as wards or other nomenclature.

For the two four-year terms udring this election cycle, the ballot will say vote for two and list the two declared candidates, as well as giving the option to vote for two write-ins.

If Isom were unopposed, she would be declared the winner without standing for election.

The article also failed to mention the names of any of the undeclared candidates -- those who did not file a Statement of Candidacy at the Town Hall -- who have put up numerous campaign signs throughout the Town, including incumbent Jacqui Gore and at least three others.


This comment pertained to an earlier version of this article stating that Isom was unopposed.


Who is Brian Taylor, the guy running against the incumbent? Can’t seem to find anything about him.

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