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Seaglass Cottages are located on the west side of the Intracoastal Waterway near Barefoot Landing. Photo by Janet Morgan/janet.morgan@myhorrynews.com

The new proposal for the Sea Glass Cottages at Barefoot Landing includes fewer residential units than originally proposed, a swimming pool, traffic light and a new color palate.

The new plans presented during a North Myrtle Beach council workshop Wednesday call for replacing the proposed 40,000 square feet of commercial space in the Sea Glass Cottages development with an additional number of dwelling units, with a minimum of 86 units and a maximum of 92 new units allowed, ranging in size from 900 to 1,693 square feet.

There’s already 10,800 square feet of existing commercial space on the site, and the ongoing construction of some of the 253 cottages included in Phase I of the development.

The first version of the proposal included replacing the proposed commercial space with up to 96 units. The reduction in units will allow space for a swimming pool, which will have to be completed by the time the developers have pulled 60 building permits, according to the development agreement.

“I’m happy they put a pool in,” said councilor Nikki Fontana. “Most of the emails or complaints that I’ve received is the worries and concerns of the pools in Barefoot and the different communities, and how they’re overcrowded to begin with. I’m glad to see the developer listened and took away four of the units and put that in there.” 

The Phase II section of the Sea Glass development includes 169 parking spaces, going above the 149 required by the city. Of the 169 spaces, 52 are under elevated dwelling units and the rest are surface parking, said Planning Director Jim Wood.

As long as neither the developer nor landowner has defaulted on the development agreement, the developers have up to 15 years to build out the project. The developers have an initial five-year build out, but if they don’t default, it gets automatically extended for up to two five-year periods, the agreement says. 

The minimum lease term for the dwelling units are six months. However, according to the agreement, if a tenant has leased for six months, Sea Glass may extend the lease for successive lease periods of less than six months, but at least 30 days. No subleases of less than six months are permitted.

The developers will pay the city a $200 park enhancement fee and $1,100 beach access parking fee per unit, payable at the time a building permit is issued for each dwelling. In the event that the developers build less than 86 units, they have to pay the city $17,200 in park enhancement fees and $94,600 in beach access parking fees, which are equivalent to the fees the city would collect if 86 units are built. 

The city and developers will also split the cost of a traffic light at Village Crossing Boulevard and Barefoot Resort Bridge Road. The cost is estimated at $350,000, with the city kicking in $150,000 of that. The city will also own the traffic light, giving them more leeway to adjust the timing. The date by which the traffic light will be installed hasn’t been finalized.

“I think that they met my concerns, as far as I can tell; everything that we brought up,” said councilor J.O. Baldwin.

Fontana said she was happy that the developers has listened to residents’ concerns and incorporated changes in the new plans, citing overcrowded swimming pools.

Mayor Marilyn Hatley was in the hallway next to council chambers after the workshop, but didn’t take part in the meeting, recusing herself because of her son Chad Hatley’s involvement in the project. 

“I recused myself because of a possibility of appearance of a conflict of interest,” Hatley said. “My son is a consultant for this project by the landowner. He was not… an attorney for the land; he was just a consultant for the landowner. He wasn’t making a presentation for the developer whatsoever, but I didn’t want it to look like, or anything to appear that it was a conflict, so I recused myself.”

Click here to see the full plan.

Here's the tentative schedule for the rest of the hearings and votes pertaining to the Sea Glass Cottages project: 

Planning Commission Meeting - Tuesday, August 17, 5:00 pm, city hall. The planning commission hosts the first public hearing on the proposed development agreement. 

City Council Meeting - Monday, September 20, 7:00 pm, city hall. The city council meeting agenda includes the second public hearing on the proposed development agreement, followed by the first reading of the proposed development Agreement and first reading of the proposed amendment to the planned development district (PDD).

City Council Meeting - Monday, October 4, 7:00 pm, city hall. The city council meeting agenda includes the second (final) reading of the proposed development agreement and the second reading of the proposed amendment to the planned development district (PDD).

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