North Myrtle Campaign Signs

Campaign signs at an intersection in North Myrtle Beach's Ocean Drive Beach neighborhood. Photo by Christian Boschult

All the North Myrtle Beach City Council incumbents retained their seats after Tuesday night’s election. 

Hank Thomas and J.O. Baldwin defeated challengers Greg Richardson and Ed Ramey. Fred Coyne, who was running unopposed for the Cherry Grove seat, was also reelected.

Thomas won the election for the at-large seat with 1,684 votes to Richardson’s 700, according to the unofficial results released by the city Tuesday night.

“My first run for elected office was not a win but it was a success,” Richardson said in a statement. “The campaign was self-funded at less than $400. Thanks to all those who supported me.”

Richardson said he plans to stay active in the community to earn more votes in future elections.

Thomas said he was thankful for voter’s support. “I’ll do my very best to do a good job for the city of North Myrtle Beach,” he added.

Baldwin won the Crescent Beach seat with 1,727 votes to Ramey’s 644.

Ramey said he was proud to get so many votes against a long-term incumbent.

“I’m very encouraged by that, having the grassroots campaign,” he said. “He (Baldwin) had a lot of money and he spent it, billboards and the whole 9 yards."

Like Richardson, Ramey said he plans to stay involved in the community.

“I can’t complain at all, and I feel good about it.”

Baldwin said he appreciated all the support he received from voters.

"That was incredible and I’m very thankful for that," he said. "Our city’s doing really well, and I think that’s a sign of why so many people go out and voted."

Going forward, Baldwin said he wanted to continue to work on saving Waties Island as well as getting state and federal funds to improve the city's stormwater system.


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