Fred Coyne

Cherry Grove councilor Fred Coyne. Photo courtesy of Fred Coyne

Incumbent Fred Coyne, 59, is running unchallenged in North Myrtle Beach's November's election for the Cherry Grove council seat. 

The election is November 5, and citizens who wish to vote need to register by October 5.

MyHorryNews sent out questionnaires to all North Myrtle Beach candidates for office running this November. Although Coyne is unchallenged, we wanted to give him a chance to answer the questionnaire as well. Here are his answers: 

Fred Coyne

Number of years you have lived in North Myrtle Beach:  34

Why are you running for office?  North Myrtle Beach is my home town. To continue to focus on the issues that genuinely impact our residents’ everyday lives — ensuring a continuing strong local economy, fighting crime, improving beach access, keeping costs down for our taxpayers by maintaining the lowest property taxes in Horry County.

Why do you think you’re qualified to hold public office?

North Myrtle Beach past member of:

•Planning Commission, eight years 

•Tree City Board, eight years and founding member  

Building Codes Board of Appeals Horry-Georgetown Home Builders Association:

•President for two terms

•Started Professional Remodelers Council

 Charleston Landing HOA:

•Board member for ten years

•President four years

North Myrtle Beach small business owner and operator since 1986

What’s your biggest accomplishment in either the private sector or public service?  This question is difficult for me. I tend to set out to accomplish a project or goal, and once it’s achieved, I move on to the next one and not look back. 

Do you have any plans or specific policy goals you want to accomplish if elected?  Continue to work hard to improve fiscal spending, lower taxes, and restore our beaches and the infrastructure of the city. I am excited for the future as we continue to work together to manage our balanced growth, increase public safety, maintain our beaches and roads, and preserve the unique attributes of our city that we all love.

How do you plan to handle growth and development as North Myrtle Beach expands?  Whenever we consider redevelopment and new development we have to look at how it will affect the immediate area around it and whether it is compatible with the city’s comprehensive plan. Our growth has to be balanced with the needs of our full-time and part-time residents, along with our economic future to maintain the quality of life that we all enjoy.

Have you ever held public office in the past, and if so, what was the position and when did you hold that position?  North Myrtle Beach City Council 2011 – 2019 

Is there anything unique or special about you that most people don’t know?  Some of the things that I like to do are cooking running, working out, fishing, wakeboarding. Most importantly, I enjoy cooking for my family Sunday night dinners.


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